Best Braces Colors For Guys: How To Pick

Suppose you choose a color for your braces thinking you would look attractive. But, after wearing them you find that you don’t look so great. So, question is, “What are the best braces colors for guys?”

Choose a color in such a way that it not only makes you look good, smart, and handsome but also it represents your personality and profession.

But, people fail to do that for many reasons. Lack of planning about the braces color may the main reason for that.

In this article, you will get a complete guide on how to choose the perfect braces colors for guys.

What are the best braces colors for boys?

Popular and the Best Braces Colors For Boys

Here are the best braces colors that can be considered as the best for boys:

  • A boy with a dark skin tone can choose dark blue, violet, gold, orange, emerald, or navy.
  • A boy with a lighter skin tone can pick sky blue, dark red, silver or bronze.
  • Boys should avoid brown, yellow, clear, and white colors as they don’t make your tooth look brighter.
  • Popular braces colors for guys are dark blue, light blue, red, and black.

Try to pick a color that makes your teeth look whiter. These also look good on guys.

A study was performed on five hundred patients wearing metal braces to determine the color preference for ligatures or bands among patients.

The result was so interesting. Male patients mostly liked blue, dark blue, and black color bands.
You should pick the darker color if other factors don’t interfere with it.

Reason for that this color makes your teeth look white. Let’s know about the best options for guys which you can pick solely or make a combination like the following.

  • Navy and Sky Blue: This color makes your teeth whiter and brighter.
  • Blue and Orange: This is a fantastic color combo for boys.
  • Black and Red: One of the most beloved colors among boys.

When can boys or guys choose colorful braces?

If you don’t know, you may wonder when and how your metal braces turn into colorful ones.

Actually, braces aren’t colorful. All you see is metal and wires.

First of all your orthodontist puts metal brackets on your teeth.

Then, he or she places wires along with the slots of brackets. This helps move teeth.

After this, you can pick a color for your braces. But, how?

An orthodontist places rubber bands or elastic ligatures on your brackets so that they hold the brackets in position, don’t hurt skin as well as make you look good.

Not everyone likes to use colorful braces. But, young boys or teens get excited about that.

However, an adult or a man also wears colorful braces for a special event or they choose a color that fits his personality.

How often can guys change the braces color?

This depends on the appointments and the movement of your teeth because you can change the elastics whenever your orthodontist adjusts them. Usually, he or she does it every 6 to 8 months.

However, it may vary from person to person as tooth movements aren’t the same in all individuals and cases.

Braces colors available for boys

There are about 20 different color braces elastics that guys can pick. But, some colors are more suitable for girls and some for boys.

Guys can pick darker looking colors. However, consider the factors we discussed here before choosing one.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to hurry to pick, as your orthodontist will give you time for that. He or she can give you a color wheel to choose one.

Let’s take a look at the available colors from the braces color wheel.

Essential factors guys should consider before choosing braces colors

There are many factors that play a significant role in whether certain braces colors will look the best on guys. Let’s take a look at those factors.

1. Give priority to your favorite color

Whatever the fact always give priority to your choice. If you aren’t satisfied with the color, you can’t be comfortable.

However, before making it final, think about the factors we discussed here. A common example of if your favorite color is brown or yellow, and you pick that. It won’t look good.

Keep in mind that, all colors don’t look good in all places. In this case, make a list of your favorite colors at first.

Then, pick one by one and think about all the important factors which determine if you look the best. After that, choose the best one.

2. Braces colors that you should avoid

You have absolute freedom to pick any color from that braces color wheel. But, there are a few which you should never choose. These are yellow, brown, clear, and white.

Brown and yellow color braces look like your teeth get stained or you have plaques on your teeth. On the other hand, white braces also make your teeth look yellowish. Moreover, they may change their color over time.

You should also avoid clear bands. They look good for the first few days. But, they change color when you take drinks containing acids or drinks like sodas, hot drinks, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

So, after a few days, they look dirty. Moreover, when foods get stuck between your teeth and brackets, they look bad.

3. Age consideration

School or teenage boy

A teen or schoolboy like the colorful braces more. He can pick a single color or a combination of colors. But, they should know the way to choose the color for braces.

Adult guys

Adult men are more cautious about looking like a teen. So, they don’t like colorful braces. Some of them want a professional look. They can pick a neutral color. They can also focus on their personality first and then other factors.

Get more ideas for adults.

Braces color for children and boy kids

If you are here to choose a color of braces for your kids, you need to realize that you and your child may not like the same color.

They should give him the freedom to pick the color. You may help him with that, But, don’t force him.

Kids don’t like wearing braces and they feel uncomfortable with that.

So, if they can choose a color of their own, they may be happy with that.

4. Skin and lips tone

You can pick dark or bright colors if you have a fair skin tone. Here are some examples of those that you can think about – sky blue, dark red, violet, navy, silver, or bronze.

Get more ideas of braces colors for light skin.

The deep green color also adjusts with a cooler skin tone, but it’s a good idea as it may look like foods are sticking in teeth.

You can pick bold jewel tones for darker skin tones. Those colors can be dark blue, violet, turquoise, emerald, navy, orange, gold, neon, or pastels.

Though pink color matches with both cooler and darker skins, it shouldn’t be a good choice for a boy.

Get more ideas of braces colors for dark skin.

5. Eyes and hair colors

It’s not essential, but it’s better to consider the eye and hair colors. Keep in mind that, you can’t change your eye or hair colors, but you can do with braces.

Though you can wear eye lenses or change hair color sometimes, it looks funny if you do that solely for braces.

So, it’s wise to choose the colors of braces that compliment the color of hair and eyes.

Darker or brighter colors look good with lighter hair color whereas darker jewel colors look good with darker or black hair color.

Following band colors can be complementary to certain eye colors:

  • Brown eyes: Dark blue, and dark green color braces
  • Blue eyes: Blue, pink, and lilac color braces
  • Green eyes: Red, orange, purple, and green color braces

6. Teeth shade

It’s important to pick a color that makes your teeth look whiter. Avoid white, brown, and yellow hues. They make your teeth look dull or stained.

The white color also turns yellow quickly due to the foods and drinks you take. On the other hand, brown or yellow colors appear as foods are sticking on your teeth.

However, picking darker colors elastic can make them look brighter.

7. Personality and profession

Choosing a color that suits your profession, personality, and character is one of the most important things.

A schoolboy or university student can wear more colorful colors, while a service holder, businessman, doctor, or engineer can choose some less colorful.

That doesn’t mean, you will pick a color like white or very light that looks ugly.

Special consideration for guys to pick braces colors

1. Match your outfits and styles

Braces will remain on your teeth all the time. So, it’s also a good idea to match its color with the color and types of dresses you wear the most.

An adult likes to wear neutral color braces as they complement all types of dresses. But, be careful of it’s changing color.

However, you can choose colorful braces. Open your closet and look at your outfits. Now pick the most common types of tone from there.

Then try to match it with braces color. It gives you an idea of which one will look the best on you and matches your outfit and style.

Blue or green can work with bright color outfits whereas light blue, navy, and red can be a good choice for darker color outfits.

2. Holidays and special events

If you want to make an event special, you can take a colorful elastic that represents the occasion.

You can use a combination of colors for your braces for an occasion like Christmas day, new year’s eve, or special events like proms, holidays, weddings, etc.

Color options can be-

  • Black and orange combo for Halloween
  • Dark Green and Red combo for Christmas
  • Red or Purple and White for Valentine’s day
  • Red, White, and Blue combo or Red and blue combo for Independence Day
  • Pastel colors like Blue, Purple, Greens for Easter

You can also pick a color based on the outfit you will wear that day.

Get a complete list of braces color ideas for special occasions.

3. Enjoy the season

Many people like to choose the color for braces that suit the season. You can do that, too.

As you can change the color at every appointment, you can take advantage.

Mint green, Monaco blue, and poppy red color can be good choices for spring.

You can pick tangy teals and pastels for summer. You can also pick neons because it represents sand and ocean color combination.

Get a complete list of ideas of braces colors for summer.

Meanwhile, you can have school colors for autumn.

Shiny silver, arctic blues, plum purples, and emerald colors can be perfect for winter.

4. Sports and the team you love

Boys are very interested in the matter. Sometimes they like to pick a color for braces that matches their sports team’s colors or jersey. You can also do that.

You can also choose the color combination the same as the jersey. But, be careful of certain colors that may not look good at you or some aren’t appropriate for braces.

You can also change the color for your special sporting events to support your team or country. These events can be the football world cup or Olympics.

Keeping braces clean to prevent changing color

Whatever braces color you choose, it would look ugly if you don’t maintain oral hygiene. If you like lighter colors, it will change color quickly if you don’t clean the mouth properly.

Brush, floss and rinse regularly and follow all the instructions by orthodontists to look cute with braces colors. Keep in mind that, maintaining hygiene with braces is hard. So, you have to be careful about cleaning your teeth.


In general, guys choose the blue, dark blue, navy, black, red color, and orange braces in most of the cases.

However, other colors we mentioned here or a combination can be a good choice for boys as well.

Before choosing one, you should think about what suit you the best and the factors we mentioned above.

The most important factors are your skin color, styles and personality, and your satisfaction.

However, try to avoid yellow, brown, and white color bands, as they make your teeth look yellow.