Braces Color Wheel and Ideas

When you get braces, you get worried about whether you look bad or not. So, you start thinking about the color for braces that can make you look great, and that why we provide you the braces color wheel.

Braces color picker or color wheel is the tool that tells you how many colors are available for braces. It also helps you to pick a color and let you think about the color before finalizing your choice.

Let’s take a look at the braces color picker or wheel and try to know which colors or combinations can make you look the best.

Colors available in the braces color wheel

Braces color wheel and color picker

There are about 20 colors available for braces or in braces color picker. Those are:

  • Blue
  • Navy blue
  • Sky blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Mint green
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Clear bands

You can pick these colors solely. However, from these, some are good and some are really bad to pick.
You can make a combo picking up multiple colors from here for special occasions, events, or seasons such as summer.

You can also consider skin tones if it’s dark or light. Check it out.

Best ideas for braces colors from the wheel

Le’ts know in detail about the braces colors presenting in the color picker and try to choose the best one for you.


Should you pick: 100% Yes.

Symbolism: Inspiration, peace, wisdom, tranquility, cold, calm harmony, unity, loyalty, truth, trust, confidence, communicative, stability, security, cleanliness, ocean, water, and sky

Skin tones: All, especially fair

Who can pick: Anyone. This is the most popular and safest color to choose. Especially boys love this color. You can also check our other article to know about the best braces colors for boys.

Light blue

Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: peace, calm, tranquility, trustworthiness, reliability, and sky.

Skin tones: Any

Who can pick: Anyone. Baby boys love this one, but others can use it without any doubt.

Navy blue or Dark blue

Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: knowledge, integrity, confidence, stability, elegance, unity, importance, seriousness, authority, power, and intelligence.

Skin tones: Any, also darker tone.

Who can pick: Anyone.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Feminine, unconditional love, romance, compassion, affection, sweetness, hope, inner peace, nurturing, calm, harmony, friendship, approachability, understanding, and energy.

Skin tones: Any

Who can pick: Usually, girls, women. Light pink for baby boys.

When you can pick- You can choose matching outfits with pink color braces. Pick light pink braces for darker dresses and bright pink for brighter dresses. If you have blue eyes, pink can be a great complementary color.

You can choose juicy pink for summer and petal pink for spring. You can also use it by making a combination. Girls like purple and pink or neon green and pink combinations.

To know more about the best braces colors for girls.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Nobility, royalty, power, pride, ambition, independence, dignity, luxury, wisdom, creativity, wealth, extravagance, devotion, peace, mystery, magic, and glory.

Skin tones: Any, especially for fair skin

Who can pick: Anyone, especially for girls.

When you can pick- This color goes well with green eyes. You can pick it for Valentine’s Day with a combination of white. Moreover, you can prefer it for the winter season.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Faith, innocence, truth, everlasting love, spirituality, modesty, remembrance, and mysticism.

Skin tones: Any

Who can pick: Anyone

When you can pick- You can wear it anytime, but you can consider it especially for spring.

Green/light green

Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Life, growth, fertility, renewal, vitality, nature, environment, freshness, energy, harmony, safety, self-reliance, sympathetic, calm, balanced, kindness, generous, money, finances, and banking.

Skin tones: Especially fair

Who can pick: Anyone

When you can pick- If you wear brighter color dresses, you can pick light green color bands. However, this color also complements green and brown eyes. You can choose it for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas with a combination of colors like red. Mint green looks great in the spring season.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: feminine, love, joy, serenity, patience, energy, creativity, refreshing, emotional balance, sophisticated, calming, spirituality, intuition, friendship, tranquility, wisdom, wholeness, good luck, and loyalty.

Skin tones: An especially darker tone

Who can pick: Especially girls, women

When you can pick- If you like green color, try to use it as dark green can make your appearance bad.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Self-confident, joy, happiness, cheerful, sunshine, optimistic, warm-hearted, creativity, success, determination, enthusiasm, independent, fascination, sociable, adventurous, encouragement, stimulation, attraction,

Skin tones: Especially darker tones

Who can pick: Especially boys

When you can pick- Orange looks good with green eyes. However, you can choose the color in special events such as Halloween. On Halloween, you can use blank and orange combination braces. Boys like to pick orange and blue color combos for braces. Vibrant orange may be a good choice for autumn.


Should you pick: Yes

Symbolism: Love, desire, passion, blood, fire, energy, action, war, speed, determination, confidence, stimulation, excitement, power, and danger.

Skin tones: Any, especially fair tones

Who can pick: Anyone, one of the most favorite colors of boys.

When you can pick: Boys like black and red color combination braces. However, you can pick the poppy red color for springs and dark red color for autumn. Red color can represent many occasions.

On independence day you can pick it with a blue and white combo.

You can also use red with green for Christmas and with white for Valentine’s day. People who wear darker dresses can use color. This color also compliments green eyes.


Should you pick: Not solely.

Why: It makes your teeth look ugly. It seems like you have plaque or staining on teeth.


Skin tones: None

Who can pick: None

When you can pick: You can choose yellow with a combination of other colors. Red and yellow can be a good choice, especially for Christmas day. Green and yellow can also be a good combo.


Should you pick: Not solely.

Why: White bands may look clean, but it makes your tooth look yellowish. Moreover, when it comes in contact with foods and drinks, it changes their colors and turns yellow or brown.

Symbolism: Cleanliness, purity, light, sterility, beginnings, safety, goodness, innocence, perfection, virginity, brilliance, heaven, spirituality, illumination, possibility, faith, humility, sincerity, understanding, protection, and softness.

Skin tones: None

Who can pick: None

When you can pick: You can use this with a combination of other colors on a special occasion like
Independence day. You can wear a red, white, and blue combo for the 4th July. Americans can wear this any time as it symbolizes the national flag. You can make a two-color combination.


Should you pick: No

Why: This color also makes your teeth look bad. Teeth look like they have brown spots or stains.

Symbolism: Earth, wood, home, stone, wholesomeness, strength, security, healing, friendly, grounding, supportive, structured, quality, stability, sincerity, elegance, warmth, confidence, reliability, honesty, and protection.

Skin tones: None

Who can pick: None

When you can pick: You can use it in combination with green for braces color. The fall season can be a good time for that.

Dark Green

Should you pick: Not solely

Why: If you wear these bands, it may look like food gets stuck in your teeth and brackets,

Symbolism: Money, growth, freshness, fertility, and harmony.

Skin tones: None

Who can pick: None

When you can pick: Use a combination of colors if you like this one. Red or yellow can match well with it.

Clear color

Should you pick: No

Why: Adults usually go for this elastic. It may look good for the first few days but, after that, it turns yellow or looks like staining. This happens due to the food and drinks you take. However, an adult should know about some factors before choosing the braces color.

Symbolism: Purity, peace, spirituality, sincerity, ritual, protection, and moon.

Skin tones: None

Who can pick: None


There are so many colors that you can pick for braces from the braces color wheel or color picker. However, you need to consider some factors to make the final decision so that you get a beautiful smile with braces. For that, you can take help from the braces color picker or braces color wheel.