Can You Change The Color Of Your Braces

Maybe you have picked a color for your braces or you are going to decide the one. But, what if you pick the wrong color for braces? Can you change the braces color?

You can change the color of braces every time your orthodontist performs the braces adjustment procedure, which is in every 6-8 weeks. You may need to change color for an upcoming event, holidays, and seasons.

However, it doesn’t mean that you change the brackets. You can change the color of the rubber bands that the orthodontist puts on your braces.

What you need to do is decide the color and inform the orthodontist before the appointment.

You may think that it’s not important to change the elastics. But, it’s necessary to change those bands.

So, why is it important to change the elastics and their colors and how often can you change the colors for braces?

We’ll discuss all of these here. So, keep in touch.

How often do you change your braces color?

Can You Change The Color Of Your Braces

It totally depends on you whether or not you will change the braces colors. As you can change the elastics whenever your orthodontist adjusts them, you can decide it before the appointment.

The interval between the appointments depends on the movement of your teeth, type of case, and treatment planning. However, your orthodontist may call you early, sometimes lately for adjustment.

Normally, your orthodontist suggests you visit every 6 to 8 weeks for an adjustment procedure. But, it may vary from person to person as tooth movement isn’t the same in all individuals and cases.

For adjustment work, he or she removes the old ligature or rubber bands. So, tell him or her before the appointment that you want to change the color.

So, if you want to change the color for a special moment, consider the timing of the appointment carefully.

Why and When should you change your braces color?

You can change the color of your braces when you visit your orthodontists for periodic adjustment procedures for the following reasons:

1. For the adjustment process

When you remove a ligature elastic band, you can reuse it. Moreover, it loses elasticity over time.

2. To maintain oral hygiene

You have to keep oral hygiene strictly with braces on teeth. So, changing the elastic is necessary from time to time.

3. For making braces colorful to look great

When you have an opportunity to nake your braces colorful, you should use it to make you look good

4. To pick a color that represents a certain event and season

As you can change the braces color in every appointment why didn’t you take advantage of it?

Without wearing random color braces, you may choose a color that symbolizes the current season (e. g. summer) or upcoming events.

So, you can change colors before the starting of the season or before the events regularly. This makes wearing braces interesting.

5. For enjoying the holidays with matching braces color

You can prefer a color that represents the upcoming holiday. Tell your orthodontist to change the color before that holiday.

6. To protect the brackets and wire

Those elastics that make your braces colorful not only make you look good but also protect your braces.

They hold the brackets and wires in position. So, they should keep healthy and you need to change them when it’s required. However, they don’t put pressure on the tooth or move it.

7. For the protection of cheek and gums

Colorful braces bands keep the braces wire in position and don’t allow them to hurt or poke your cheek, lips, and gums.

Because of these reasons, you should change the bands of the braces from time to time.

How to change braces colors?

Changing braces color don’t need any special method. But, you can’t do that on your own. During the braces adjustment process, your orthodontist will replace the old colorful rubber bands with new bands.

Here is how you can change braces colors:

1. Taking a look at the braces color wheel

If you picked the wrong color during your earlier appointment because of a lack of idea, you can get a braces color wheel and analyze the color for braces.

2. Choosing the color you want

Pick a color and consider different factors that can make you look the best. Take your time to do that and finalize the color.

Get an Idea about choosing braces colors for Dark skin, Light skin, Girls, Boys, and Adults.

3. Informing your orthodontist

Before visiting your orthodontist, you can inform your choice over the phone if he or she can provide you that color elastics.

4. Changing the rubber bands

During the next appointment, the orthodontist will remove your old elastic bands.

After all, performing all adjustment, he or she will attach a new set of ligature elastic bands. That’s how you can change the color of your braces.

Can you change braces color yourself at home?

You can’t change braces wear at home, though it may seem easy to perform. The reason for that is you need special instruments that orthodontist use to attach the elastic bands to braces.

Most importantly, it needs expert hands, otherwise, you can damage the brackets and wires. This disrupts the tooth movement.

How many times can you change your braces color?

You can change the braces color as many times as you want during orthodontic treatment. You just have to change it after a certain period of time.

However, you get the opportunity until your orthodontist removes the braces completely.

When Can’t You Change The Color Of Braces and Why Should You be picky?

You can’t replace those colorful bands and change the braces color in between two appointments with the orthodontist. You have to wait until the next appointment.

So, you should carefully pick a color so that you don’t regret it later. But, when do you have to regret?

Suppose, you have got a new set of braces elastics. Then, you realize there is an upcoming event or festival and you could choose a color that could represent the occasion.

But, you can do nothing about it until the next adjustment schedule. To avoid this situation, you need to think about it before and take the time to make the final decision about the braces color.


You can change the braces color each time your orthodontist calls you for an adjustment appointment.

Take advantage and make your braces colorful to look great. You can also change the color before upcoming events, holidays, and seasons to represent that moment.