31 Unique Braces Colors And Combinations For Summer

Picking up the colors for your braces is the most interesting time and you can take full advantage of it. So, you may search for ideas of braces color combinations for summer, especially for 2022.

You can choose the braces color combinations that suit the summer. Go for the colors that complement the summer outfits, events, tours, and nature, and pair two or three colors to make a beautiful combo. However, you can carefully get a combo that carries significance.

You can also pick a combo for the other seasons and events.

Let’s know the ways to choose the combination of the braces for summer and get a list of colors.

How to choose braces colors combinations for summer

Braces Color Combinations for Summer 2021
Braces Color Combinations for Summer

Before making a final decision for your next appointment, you have to think about the colors available for braces and those you like the most. The reason is you are the one who should love the combo.  You should also consider some factors to pick braces color for summer. Those are:

Summer outfits

People choose special outfits for summer. So, it’s easy to pick a color for braces that complement your summer outfits. Match the color of your dresses with the color of the elastics.

Summer events

You may think about summer events like the 4th of July. You may also consider an upcoming wedding event for your friends and family members or, maybe yourself.

Natural beauty

You can get ideas from nature to pick the braces color and summer is the perfect time for that. So, pair colors to make a combo that symbolizes natural beauty. You can get inspiration from the summer sky, ocean, beach, tree, and forest.

Flowers and fruits

Summer is the time when many flowers bloom in summer. You can think about the colors of Sunflower, Peony, Dahlia, Marigold, and Gloriosa Daisy. Besides, you may go with a combo that symbolizes the summer fruits like peach and others.

Tours and camping

Why don’t you get inspired by a tour or the summer camp? During summer, people travel to various beautiful sites that are special for this season. Pick a combination of colors based on outfits that you’ll wear during your holiday or the natural beauty of the traveling place.

People also go summer camping. So, you can think about a color that symbolizes the campfire.

31+ Braces color combinations for summer

Here are 31 unique braces color combinations for summer:

1. Red, White, and Blue

You can start the summer with the holiday’s patriotic scheme. Choose a combo that symbolizes the independence day if you are American. So, pick the red, white, and blue color braces combination for the 4th of July.

Red represents hardiness and valor, white represents innocence and purity, and blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

However, adults can get braces color ideas, from our there article.

2. Dusty Blue and Burgundy

You can go with these colors if you want to represent American independence day. Burgundy and dusty blue colors also give you a bohemian vibe. Moreover, this combo is well representative of summer.

3. Green and yellow or orange

One of the most popular color combinations for summer is green and yellow. You can choose this combo for braces, too. Wear green and yellow outfits and pick the same color combo. That matches well.

We can compare the color combo to the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm sunny summer day. You may be upset because you can’t wear green or yellow color braces solely. This makes your teeth ugly. But, if you make a combo, you may not look bad.

Another great choice can be bright yellows and iridescent greens.

You can also wear braces with orange and green combos. This combo symbolizes the citrus fruits of the summer. However, if you still think it makes you ugly, go for other options.

4. Radical red and light green

Summer is about different fruits, So, you can pick a fruit color like watermelon. You can try light green and radical red colors for braces. It also looks beautiful.

5. Pale blue & yellow

You can pick sunny yellow and sky blue hues, which symbolize the summer Sky. This combo also matches well with summer outfits.

6. Red, orange, and yellow

The summer can be symbolized by the campfire because of the summer camp event. So, you can get the braces with a yellow, orange blast and hot red color combination. You can choose it especially if you are planning for a summer camp.

7. Gold and peach

Peach is the representative for the summer. You can also get inspiration from that and make the combo. Pair peach and gold colors to get a beautiful combination of braces colors.

8. Gold, White, and Black

Another significant thing about summer camping is smores. So, you may also go with a combo that represents smores. You can choose a gold, white, and black color combo.

9. Dusky Blue, Light Blue, and Teal

You may pick a combo of teal, light blue, and dusky blue. But, what’s the relation with the summer? Summer means the hot temperature and people and swimming pools get popular for that to get cold. This combo symbolizes that.

10. Fuchsia, Aqua, & Sand

You can get inspired by the island and ocean to choose a summer combo. Pick bold Fuschia, aqua, and sand colors.

However, if you don’t like sand color for braces, you can replace the sand color with saffron or orange. Moreover, this combo represents the vibe of sunset.

You can also go with pink, aqua, and yellow colors. There is no problem with picking this combo for summer.

11. Teal, Light Blue, and Gold

Next, we can think about another sea beach combo. You can pick the combo that symbolizes that beautiful scenery including sky, sea, and beach.

It can be a great idea if you are going to sea beach to spend the holidays. To do that, you can wear braces with teal, light blue, and gold combo.

12. Aqua and gold

You can pick two colors for braces to represent the sea and the beach. Aqua or light blue represents the sea and light yellow symbolizes the sand.

If you think yellow is going to make you look ugly, you may replace it with gold. You can pick every other bracket to be aqua and gold.

Meanwhile, wearing aqua bands on one jaw and gold bands on others can be a great idea.

13. Bright and pale blue

If you want to ignore beach color for braces, another great idea is combining aqua sea and pale blue sky color. This combo resembles the summer sky and ocean.

14. Pale Lilac and Bright Purple

Purple suits well in all seasons. You can think about late summer. Grapes are significant during this time and you can get inspiration from them.

You can pick bright purple or lavender purple and pale lilac braces color combinations for summer.

15. Red and dark purple

You may also select dark purple instead of light. With that, add red color in the mix. If you have dresses with one or both of these colors, it can be a great idea to wear braces with this combo for summer.

You may think dark colors may not be a good idea for summer. But, for braces, it may not be a problem as it makes your teeth look whiter.

16. Pastel pink and lilac

Though bright colors are suitable for summer, you may consider pink and purple combinations, if you love lighter colors.

Girls especially love those lilac and pastel pinks combo. It may look nice when someone gets it as braces color.

17. Burgundy and Pastel blush Pink

Girls may love a combination of blush pink and burgundy. This looks gorgeous and unique and also suits you well in summer. You can also get braces color ideas for girls.

18. Pink, orange and red

You may consider a combo of hot pink, tangy orange, and bold pink which have a Brazilian blush. It signifies jewel-tone cities of brazil with punchy pops of color. However, people from any country can go for this combination.

19. Navy blue and blush pink

A combo consisting of blush pink and navy blue may be considered as the summertime version of black and white. It’s also a classic style and still, it’s popular.

20. Blue and bright pink

You can go for bright pink instead of blush pink. Add bright blue in the mix. Girls can expect to get compliments from their friends.

You may wonder what does this combination means for summer? Bright pink symbolizes the blooming rose and blue represents the sky.

21. Poppy and light green

Another great combo is poppy color with sage or light green for early summer. It has a tropical tone that symbolizes summer poppy flowers.

22. Lilac and natural green

Another summer-friendly color can be lilac or purple with natural deep greens. You enjoy the beauty of lilac flowers throughout the summer.

Besides, this season is the time for natural beauty. So, combining this color can be a great idea for summer.

23. Green, gold, and white

You can consider colors having forestry vibes as well as elegant looks. White, gold, and green color combinations are going to give you that for summer.

24. Brown and muted pink

Summer is also significant for the cinnamon rose or the new dusty rose color. You can pick muted pink and brown colors for braces.

However, it may not look so great sometimes for braces. So, you may try other options.

25. Pineapple, Orange, and Pale Pink

What about a combo with both bohemian and feminine vibes? It can be an amazing idea for girls to choose playful pinks and sunny yellows for summer.

So, get the combination of pale pink, orange, and pineapple colors.

26. Blue and Green

Summer is all about natural beauty. So, you can get inspiration from the seasides. And, seaside means blue and green colors. Green symbolizes summer plants and blue represents the ocean or sky.

27. Pale pink and green

Green represents the natural beauty of summer and girls may also get that with other colors such as neon pink.

This combo makes the girls look beautiful. You can also wear neon green and white color combinations.

28. Marigold and Floral

Summer can’t be completed without a marigold. So, you can get inspiration from the vibrant marigold. Mix the marigold (orange-yellowish) and red color for braces.

29. Black with pink, red, or orange

Black may not be a great option for braces, but this combo is the opposite. It’s one of the most popular colors and an amazing representative of summer. So, you may pair black with pink.

They may also replace pink with purple. But, what are boys going to do? They can consider red or orange instead of pink. You can also check other braces colors for guys.

30. Roses and hydrangeas

If you want to choose braces for summer weddings, get inspiration from the bouquet including roses and hydrangeas.

So, you can pair colors of blue hydrangeas and pink roses. You may also get the red rose and pistachio green colors.

31. Metallics and Pastels

You can mix metallic and pastel colors for braces. It can be done by placing the bands on every other bracket to be metallics and pastels. You can wear metallic bands on one jaw and pastels on others.

Braces colors for summer

You may pick a color solely rather than braces color combinations for summer. You should consider bright colors in summer. Bright colors match perfectly well during this time.

Summer goes well with neons, pastels, and tangy teals colors. Following braces colors you may choose for summer:

For dark skin

  • Dark blue
  • Aqua
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Green

Get more ideas for a dark skin tone.

For light skin

  • Dark blue
  • Sky blue
  • Aqua
  • Burgundy
  • Gold
  • Juicy pinks
  • Dark purple
  • Blue
  • Red

Get more ideas for a light skin tone.


When you are going to pick the braces color combinations for summer, you can think about factors such as dresses, occasion, holidays, tours, natural beauty, and skin colors. Some combos may go well for boys and some for girls.

Though there are almost a lot of colors available for braces, they may vary from brand or brand. Your orthodontist may don’t have unique colors. In that case, try to pick the nearest color as possible from the list we have provided here.