Best Braces Colors For Dark Skin – How To Choose

Making braces colorful may be the most interesting time while wearing them. But, without any proper planning before picking up a braces color, you may not look bad. So, what are the best braces colors for dark skin?

Here are the best braces colors that you can choose to look good with dark skin tone.

  • Choose bold jewel or neon colors as they complement dark skin tone very well.
  • The best braces color for a boy is dark blue or gold.
  • The best braces color for a girl is pink or turquoise.
  • Other popular colors for dark skin are turquoise, emerald, fuchsia, orange, and pastel colors.
  • Avoid yellow, brown, white, and clear colors that make your teeth look ugly.
  • Choose darker colors to make your teeth look whiter.

Now, question is, how to pick one of these braces colors for darker skin?

What other factors should you consider that will make you look great?

Let’s know about all of these.

Factors to be considered to choose braces colors for dark skin

Best Braces Colors For Dark Skin

Following factors, you should also consider:

1. Color of eye and hair

You can pick a color that complements the color of your eyes. Dark blue or dark green looks good with brown eyes. You can pick blue or pink for blue eyes.

You can also consider the color of the hair. Darker jewel color braces are good for darker hair while pastel colors are great for blonde.

2. Special occasion and season

Many people like to pick meaningful colors. They like to choose colors that represent the season. You can also do that.

Moreover, you can change your color before special occasions such as Christmas, new year, or independence day and wear some special combinations.

3. Personality and profession

This is so important. A color can perfect for someone, but others can’t wear it. Think about your profession, age, and personality to decide the final colors.

4. Daily outfits

You can pick a color for braces considering your styles and outfits. Choose a color that complements most of the daily dresses.

5. Consider your preferred color

You can get the ideas reading this article, but at the end of the day, you are the one who should be satisfied with the braces color.

So, look at the mirror or take a selfie and try to imagine which color you would love to see on your teeth and complement your skin tone.

Best Braces Colors Ideas For Dark Skin Tone

You should look at the braces color wheel before going to pick a color. Here are the braces colors that can pick for dark skin tone with their significance.

1. Dark blue

Speaking of darker colors, dark blue or navy blue can be the best choice for the dark or brown skin tone. This color makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Majority of people like this color for braces. Those, who don’t care about the braces color like boys, also choose it.

However, boys can try to get an idea from our other articles to choose the perfect color.

If you can’t decide which color you look the best, you can pick blue, as it’s the safest option.

Moreover, you can pick the dark blue happily if you know the meaning of it. This color symbolizes knowledge, integrity, seriousness, and power.

2. Gold

The gold and dark gold can be the good braces colors for dark skin as it complements the skin tone. If you like yellow color, you can use gold, as they are so close to each other. This color represents passion, love, compassion, wisdom, courage, illumination, and magic.

3. Pink

Pink is the most favorite color for girls. It’s also a good choice for a darker skin tone. Pink represents softness, calm, acceptance, sweetness, romance, and love.

Follow the ways to get a cute braces color for a girl with darker skin from this article.

4. Turquoise

Girls love this color. Boys can also get this as it adjusted well with dark skin and white teeth. It represents calming, refreshing, patience, tranquility, serenity, creativity, energy, and wisdom.

5. Violet

This is not so popular, but you may choose it as it complements your teeth and skin tone.

6. Emerald

It is associated with meanings of royalty, refinement, and wealth. The darker tone goes well with the color that is a variety of green colors

7. Fuchsia

This color is situated between pink and purple. It can also look good with a dark tone. It’s also a feminine color but it gives a more mature look. This color symbolizes assurance, confidence, and maturity.

8. Orange

Orange can be a great choice for a darker tone. It symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, balance, warmth, expansive, inner strength, adventure, vibrant, freshness, youthful, and creativity.

9. Pastel

You can choose pastel colors like light blue or light pink. These colors represent neutrality, softness, and peacefulness.

As adults like lighter colors, they can consider it.

Get more ideas for adults.

Braces colors that should be avoided for dark skin

Following colors of bands, you need to avoid if you have dark skin tone-

Yellow and brown

You are wearing braces to make your teeth beautiful. However, while wearing braces, you may not look that good.

In addition, if you pick colors like yellow and brown, it may look extremely ugly. These colors resemble teeth staining or plaque. So, don’t pick these.


You may like white color thinking it can look clean and beautiful. But, it makes your teeth look yellow. Moreover, it changes color and turns yellow within a few days because of foods and drinks.

Clear bands

Those who don’t think about braces color, want to pick clear braces. They think others can’t notice and that makes them beautiful. That’s not true.

When you eat or drink, they change their color so fast and become yellowish or blackish. So, stay away from these.

Dark green

Green maybe your favorite color. But, you should stay away from dark green. This looks like food particles are accumulated between your teeth and braces.

However, if you still want to wear dark green, white or yellow braces, wear it with a combination of other colors.

Combination of braces colors for dark skin tone

Let’s take a look at the braces color combo for dark skin:

1. Red, white, blue

The American citizen can wear it to respect other nations and flags, especially on independence day.

2. Blue and red

You can also remove the white and pick these 2 colors. This also looks great.

3. Orange and black

Boys like this combo. You can also wear this on Halloween.

4. Blue and orange

Another favorite combo for young boys.

5. Green and red

Green color lovers can pick this combo. However, it’s better to wear it for Christmas day.

6. Green and Yellow

This color combination is made of two colors that you shouldn’t wear solely. It’s really interesting. They can complement each other well.

7. Red and white

Those who want to wear white braces can wear them with a red combo. This combo can also be representative of Valentine’s day.


If you have a dark or brown skin tone, you can pick bold jewel colors or neon colors for braces elastics, rubber bands, or power chains.

However, they should consider other important factors. The most important thing pick a color that makes you look the best and you become satisfied.

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Best Braces Colors Ideas For Dark Skin
Best Braces Colors Ideas For Dark Skin