Best Braces Color For Light Skin: How To Choose

Picking the braces color depends on many factors and one of them is skin tone. So, what are the best braces color ideas for light or fair skin tone?

You should also consider other factors before picking a color or combination. We will talk about all of this here so that you can make your final decision before the changing appointment.

Best braces color ideas for fair skin tone

If you have a fair skin tone, choose cool or brighter colors for braces. Here are the best braces colors that can be considered as the best for fair skin tone.

  • Girls with fair skin tone can choose pink, light pink, light blue, red, silver, or dark purple.
  • Boys with fair skin tone can pick light blue, dark red, bronze, silver, or orange.
  • Avoid yellow, white, brown, or translucent bands to prevent teeth from looking ugly.
Best Braces Color Ideas For Light Skin Tone

Before you decide, look at the braces color wheel before going to choose a color. Here are the reasons for which you can choose certain colors for light skin tone:

1. Pink

Pink is popular among girls and suits nicely with light skin tones. This color is the symbol of caring, softness, calmness, love, romance, and sweetness.

You can check another article to get a complete guide for the braces color ideas for girls.

2. Blue

Blue is the most popular color for braces, especially boys like this color. If you have a lighter skin tone, you can pick sky blue, grayish-blue, navy, or royal blue. If you are confused about your decision, you should pick these colors.

This color is considered calm, cold, and peaceful. It also symbolizes truth, serenity, stability, tranquility, reliability, inspiration, confidence, and cleanliness.

People, who love nature, also love the blue color because this is the color of the sky and ocean.

You can also get ideas on braces color for boys.

3. Light purple/plum

Girls like the purple color. For a fair tone, it’s better to choose light purple. This color symbolizes feminine energy, delicacy, nostalgia, and romantic feelings.

You can use this band for Valentine’s day in combination with white. However, you can use light purple or pulp color for the winter season.

4. Violet

Violet color symbolizes purification, royalty, nobility, calmness, spirituality, mystery, enlightenment, gentleness, imagination, creativity, luxury, wisdom, and arrogance.

It looks nice with a fair skin tone. Boys and girls, both can pick this color. However, you can use this in on spring season.

5. Red

Red color represents love, passion, power, blood, fire, danger, action, confidence, strength, energy, stimulation, determination, and excitement.

Though this color is popular among boys, girls also like it. You can use this color for a special occasion. You have to make a combination.

Examples are – red and green for Christmas or white and red for Valentine’s day. You can pick this for independence day in blue and white colors. You can wear these color braces for the spring and autumn season.

Another variation of red can be the vermilion color. This color, which symbolizes the color of life, looks really great with fair skin.

6. Raspberry

Raspberry color symbolizes energy, passion, health, creation, and power. Girls can use this color for a beautiful smile. It complements the pink lips nicely.

7. Salmon

This color proves that you love natural looks more. When you use this as braces color it also looks great. Anyone can use it. Fair skin tone and pinkish lips suit the best.

8. Green/deep green

Deep green isn’t good as braces color. It looks like food is accumulated on your braces or teeth. But, fair skin tone may use it sometimes.

This color represents nature, environment, life, harmony, energy, fertility, growth, safety, renewal, and freshness. You can use green on occasions such as Christmas.

9. Turquoise or blue-green

This color symbolizes the color of communication. It represents the feminine, calming, refreshing, wholeness, serenity, energy, sophistication, wisdom, spirituality, emotional balance, joy, love, wisdom, loyalty, intuition, friendship, good luck, and tranquility. Girls also like this color. It complements fair skin perfectly.

Caramel or bronze – Bronze color represents earth, humility, stability, being grounded, sturdiness, and security. This color may not look that much good.

But fair skin tone may complement it. You can try it in a combo with other colors. However, dark chocolate or caramel color can be a better choice.

Braces colors to avoid with light skin

There may be a lot of braces color ideas for light or fair skin tone. But, some colors aren’t bad for you.


People who like lighter colors, sometimes want to wear white colors. Adults do that more. But, the problem is this band gets stained and changes colors.

It looks dull and ugly within a few days after wearing it. Most importantly, it makes your teeth look yellow.

Get ideas on braces colors for adults.


We want white teeth and so remove all yellow things from teeth. So, why should you pick yellow bands? It makes your teeth look ugly.


Just like yellow it looks like your teeth have staining or foods are there.

Clear band

It gets stained easily and becomes yellow, even more than white color. The reason is the food and drinks you take. So, don’t pick it.

Dark green

Someone may think food debris is present between your brackets and teeth. So try to ignore it. However, you can pick all of these colors except clear bands if you use them in a combination with other colors.

Factors to be considered before choosing braces colors for light skin

1. Color of eye and hair

As we discussed above, you can also consider your eye and hair color for picking braces color. If you have green or blue eyes, you can be pick light green or blue to complement your eyes. That can be a great choice for fair skin. Girls can also consider hair colors.

2. Special occasion and season

Consider special events like weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, and even independence day.

Some people like to pick a color based on the season such as the summer braces combos. It’s also a good idea to choose braces color for fair skin.

Personality and profession – You have to consider your age, personality, and profession to choose a color for braces. Keep in mind that all colors don’t suit everyone.

3. Outfits

Matching braces color with the types of dresses you wear most of the time can be a great idea.

4. Your preferred color

Whatever the factors are, first of all, consider your favorite colors. Then, think about whether it suits you or not. You can take help from this article for that.


In short, you can pick lighter color bands for braces if you have a light skin tone. Preferable colors can be blue, navy, pink, light purple, violet, red, raspberry, caramel, and salmon. The most popular of them are blue for boys and pink for girls.

Most of the colors may look good with fair skin color. However, you have to be careful about choosing a few colors.

You also have to keep your mouth clean so that the color remains the same.

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Best Braces Colors Ideas For Light Skin
Best Braces Colors Ideas For Light Skin