Braces Wire Popped Out Of Bracket: How To Fix

After getting braces, you have to maintain it properly, otherwise, part of the braces may be broken. One of the most common problems during braces treatment is braces wire popped out or come out of the bracket.

Braces wire may be popped out due to brushing or flossing teeth carelessly, biting on hard foods, an excess wire, loosening of wire, any injury, and accident. You can use tweezers, wax, and other simple equipment at home to prevent it from causing any damage.

However, you must seek your orthodontist to fix the wire permanently.

Here, we’ll discuss why the wire of your braces can come out, how to fix it at home, and how to prevent it from happening.

What is the popped out braces wire?

How To Fix Popped Out Braces Wire

Braces treatment has two main components which are brackets and wires. Brackets can’t move teeth solely. So, we, orthodontists, take help from the wires.

These wires are made of thin metal that can be bent easily so that we can give any bent to move the tooth in any direction.

This gives you advantages as well as disadvantages. As a result, there is a chance of braces wire coming out.

Now, you need to know all wires in orthodontics aren’t the same. We use two types of wire. One archwire runs through all the brackets.

We give a curve bent to the wire. The archwire only pops out from the back of the braces.

Another type of wire is that which is placed on each tooth individually.

When you visit your orthodontist for a tightening schedule, he or she uses this wire.

These wires can pop out of a front bracket or any bracket.

When braces wire popped out of the bracket?

Here are the situations when braces wire can pop out of the brackets:

1. Excess archwire after attachment

If we don’t cut the excess wire after attaching it, the braces wire can be popped out of the back bracket or molar bands.

2. Tooth movement

It may occur even if you don’t have any excess wire. When the teeth start to move, the wire comes out from the back bracket and causes various problems.

3. Extra wire after braces tightening

You may have a popped out wire after the appointment if you or your orthodontist don’t notice it.

After bending and tightening the wire, the excess portion of the wire should be cut.

4. Wrong food habit for braces

Sometimes biting on hard and crunchy foods puts pressure on your tooth as well as braces.

This pressure transmits through resulting in loosening wires. This may lead to poking wires.

5. Poor flossing technique

A wrong flossing technique with braces may break the wire. As a result, you have a poky wire.

6. Poor tooth brushing technique

Many people brush their tooth putting a lot of pressure. The vigorous toothbrush can easily damage the wires and cause poking wire.

7. Wrong selection of toothbrush

A toothbrush having hard brittles hurts the wire and deform its shape.

8. Bad oral habit

Biting on nail or pen and other bad bad habits may be responsible for your popped out wire.

9. Injury or accident

An injury or accident while wearing braces is very dangerous. This can happen during outdoor sports or an activity that has the risk of falling down.

And, if this occurs, someone not only has a popped out wire and loosen braces but also damaged teeth and mouth.

10. Experimenting and playing with the wires

Some kids like to play with the wires. That can be an easy way to make the wire out of shape.
Handing braces need expert hands.

When you try to do the adjustment on your own or copy your orthodontist, you may end up having popped out braces wire of bracket.

Whats happens if braces wire pops out of the bracket?

If you ignore the popped out wire, it’ll result in serious problems. The archwire that comes out from the back bracket pokes your cheek, back of the mouth, or gum of that tooth.

Wires that attached to each tooth individually can pop out from any brackets and poke the gums or cheek near it.

So, you will feel sore and pain in that area. This can also cut your cheek or gum.

Moreover, if you let it untreated, over time it may cause an ulcer. However, it can also prevent proper tooth movement and increase the treatment time.

How to stop braces wire from coming out of the bracket?

Here are the tips to stop braces wire from coming out of braces:

1. Don’t do any experiment with wires

Stop any type of experimenting with braces. Don’t try to copy the orthodontist.

You may think you may tighten the braces on yourself or fix all problems regarding it at home.

But, it may make the situation worse. However, if you think of putting more pressure to move teeth fast, you are wrong.

This damages your tooth as well as wires. So, leave it to your orthodontist.

2. Don’t play with the wires

Keep your child from playing with other things. It can not only make the wire poky but also cut his hand.

3. Quit bad habits

Prevent your child from touching their mouths, biting pens, or nails. And for those who have a habit like tongue thrusting, seek the help of your dentist.

4. Eating soft and nonsticky foods

Eating braces-friendly food is vital since you start wearing braces.

Be sure to include soft and non-sticky foods in your diet. You must cut off hard and crunchy foods।

5. Brush teeth carefully

When wearing braces, brush your teeth according to the correct rules.

For this, you learn the proper technique of tooth brushing your teeth with braces.

6. Choose appropriate toothbrush for braces

Check if you have a hard bristle toothbrush. If this is, then replace it with a soft-bristle toothbrush and brush with it.

7. Learn the flossing technique while wearing braces

Learn and follow the right way of flossing your teeth with bracing.

8. Wear a mouthguard where there is a risk of falling down

During the game and in the cases where you are likely to fall, you must take part after wearing a mouthguard.

How to fix a popped out braces wire?

Here are the steps to fix a popped out braces wire:

1. Bend wire by tweezers

If you see the popped out wire is large, only putting wax over it won’t help you.

In that case, you have to put in a lot of wax and it’ll irritate your cheek and gums.

So, use a tweezers to move it away from your cheek, and if you can place the wire back to the slot or tube.

After fixing it with the tweezers, you can also apply the wax.

2. Use orthodontic wax

If the popped out portion of the wire is small, you can put some orthodontic wax over it. Learn step by step method of application of dental wax.

That’ll prevent the wire from hurting or cutting your cheek or gum. You can eat and move your jaw freely because of the wax and get relive of pain as well.

But, you should know which dental wax can be preferable for braces.

Our recommended orthodontic wax:

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3. Use a pen and pencil

You can also use the back of the pen or eraser portion of a pencil to push the popped out wire toward the bracket and tooth, and move it away from the cheek.

4. Cut wire with a wire clipper or fingernail clipper

If you see, the popped out portion is much bigger than you have to face trouble to push it back, you can try yo cut it down.

But, you don’t need any big instrument for that. In fact, using a complicated instrument or something that an orthodontist uses may make the situation worse.

So, simply you can use a fingernail clipper.

You can also use a wire clipper if you are comfortable with it. As the braces wire is thin and flexible, you can cut it easily with it.

After that, you can use wax if pain or discomfort still persists.

Is popped out braces wire an emergency?

Normally, popped out wire isn’t an emergency. However, you have to visit your orthodontist immediately if you feel the following problems and you can’t manage it at your home:

  1. Bleeding that you can’t stop
  2. Not able to eat due to pooped out wire
  3. Feel pain during brushing teeth
  4. Swelling and ulcer because of the wire

However, you don’t have to seek your orthodontist, you can stop all of these on your own.

So, consult him or her over the phone, if you can’t understand when you should visit him or her.

Whatever the case is you must go to the orthodontist as soon as possible, if when you can manage it.

If you don’t do it will cause more problems after a while.

Moreover, the tooth can’t be moved appropriately in some cases, especially when you try to control the situation yourself.

So, there may be a risk of unwanted tooth movement that leads to the poor outcome of treatment.


Popped out braces wire can be a result of an issue remaining after braces adjustment, eating braces unfriendly foods, poor tooth cleaning technique, or an injury.

However, you can stop this from happening if you follow all the instructions of your orthodontist and prevent yourself from those factors that may cause the wire to come out.

You can solve this problem by yourself so that it can’t hurt your cheek and gums.

But, you shouldn’t be late to visit your orthodontist, otherwise, it may delay the treatment as well as harm your teeth.