How To Get Braces Off Faster

The most common question of braces wearer before the beginning of treatment till the end is, “How to get braces off faster?”

You can get braces off faster than expected by preventing any damage to brackets or wires, maintaining oral hygiene, choosing the right food, not missing appointments, and following all the instructions given by the orthodontist. Besides, you must prevent any delay in the progress of orthodontic treatment.

Wearing braces isn’t so comfortable for anyone. During eating, sleeping, or any time of the day, you may feel irritated because of it.

Moreover, you have to wear other components like elastics, wires, and springs. So, you must want to get rid of these quicker.

How to get braces off sooner than expected?

how to get braces off faster

Here are 9 tips to get braces off faster:

1. See a qualified orthodontist

If you are planning to get braces to align your teeth, first of all, you have to know which dentist is the best for that.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, you need to know that there is a branch of dentistry, called orthodontics.

Orthodontic Braces care - Welcome
Orthodontic Braces care - Welcome

It deals with tooth alignment and a lot of other procedures to improve your jaw, and facial structure.

The dentist who deals with this subject called an orthodontist. To get the best and faster outcome, you must see an orthodontist because he or she is the specialist on this subject.

But, how to recognize them? It’s so easy. He or she may have a post-graduation degree on the subject, e. g. MDS/MS in orthodontics.

Try to consult with an experienced orthodontist as well. A good orthodontist will try his or her best to complete the treatment quicker and properly. You don’t need to have to worry about it.

2. Prevent braces from getting damaged

You must follow the advice provided by the orthodontist and take care of your braces and other attachments so that they can’t be broken, and get loose or bent due to injury, accident, or any other reasons. All of these will delay the treatment.

Keep dental wax always with your to fix any issue immediately. If you want to know which products can be best for you, you can check this.

3. Maintain oral hygiene properly

Cleaning or maintaining oral hygiene is the most important thing to do during wearing braces. Bad oral hygiene in this period results in food particles getting stuck between the teeth and brackets.

This may lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay as well as damaging of braces. All of these will delay your treatment.

So, what you need to do is after taking food to clean your teeth. Brush and floss regularly. But, follow the proper technique of brushing and flossing with braces. Otherwise, you may damage it.

Besides use appropriate toothbrush and flosser for braces.

Check out our recommend braces cleaning tools.

Moreover, avoid foods that hard to clean or stick to braces easily. As it’s more difficult to clean teeth with braces, you should be more careful about it.

When you have to wear elastics or springs with braces, you have to be more cautious. You need to clean them as well with proper measurements and during eating avoid any damage to them.

Some components of braces like rubber bands need to wear during eating, some may not. So, to get quicker results, keep the component on during eating as your orthodontist advised.

4. Eat braces-friendly foods

Wearing braces need to change your food habit. You can’t take all the foods with it that you take now. But, what does braces-friendly food mean?

These are foods that don’t cause any harm to braces and it’s and favor them to work effectively and move the tooth. These can be soft, semi-solid, and liquid foods.

Try to pick foods that don’t stick to brackets or wires. Also, take foods that contain less amount of sugars. The reason for that is it’s hard to clean teeth with braces.

If you can pick the right foods during the treatment, you can prevent any delay. That means you can get rid of braces faster.

Here are some examples of the foods that can be favorable for braces are yogurt, soup, pasta, cooked vegetables, soft fruits, and others,

Check it out to know more – list of braces-friendly foods.

5. Avoid foods that harm braces

As we mentioned, you have to choose a proper diet for braces that means, you have to avoid some foods.

Avoiding foods that you like to eat is a very difficult task. But, to get the best result you have to do this sacrifice.

In fact, you shouldn’t be upset as your goal is to get the braces off faster. But, which foods you have to avoid?

Hard foods must be avoided for braces. There are many cases where brackets get loose, fallen out, or broken down due to biting on the hard food.

Damaging will prolong your treatment because of two reasons.

One is you have to wait until the repair appointment. Another is when you wear braces without any break it works the best.

Foods that are sticky should also cut down from your diet, as they get stuck between brackets and teeth. You should also ignore sugar-rich foods.

You may ask that if you clean the tooth properly and regularly, then what’s the problem?

The answer is simple. It’s difficult to clean those sticky foods particles completely wearing braces, even though you try your best. This favors the tooth decaying process. It also weakens periodontal health. So, to get a better outcome to avoid these types of foods.

Moreover, stay away from foods that require opening your mouth wide while eating.

Some examples of foods that you should avoid are – Hard candy, popcorn, nuts, pizza crust, crusty, meat, and others.

Check our other article to get the full list of foods to avoid with braces.

6. Don’t miss appointments

Orthodontic treatment requires periodic visits to your orthodontist. You may get tired of it sometimes. But, you should visit him or her at the exact date, if you want to get braces off sooner. But, why is that?

We tighten the braces at a visit to a specified limit so that it can move the tooth to a certain distance at a certain time. We schedule the next visit after the time. From thereafter tooth won’t be moved.

So, if you miss and delay the appointment, that means you will take a break from the active treatment and prevent the progress.

That’s why visit your orthodontist regularly if you don’t have any serious issues.

7. Follow all instructions by your orthodontist

From the first day of braces treatment to the last day, your orthodontist will give you a lot of instructions and advice. These may be after adjusting braces or after adding a new component like elastic or spring.

All of these instructions are to achieve the best result and complete the treatment quicker. So, if you want to get rid of braces, follow him or her.

8. Don’ take a break from removable components

For the straightening of teeth, you have to wear various components with braces such as wires, springs, elastics, or rubber bands.

Some of them are fixed to your braces while some of them are removable which means you can change them when it’s necessary.

Sometimes it may require replacing them from time to time. This happens specially incase of a rubber band or elastics.

As you can change or replace these removable components of braces, you have to maintain them.

Sometimes when these materials hurt you or you feel irritated because of them, you may take a break from wearing those. But, don’t do this mistake.

All of the components of braces are very important for a better outcome of treatment.

If you don’t wear those regularly or don’t follow the advice given by your orthodontist, the treatment time will be prolonged and not so effective.

Moreover, you should wear components like rubber bands or elastics regularly, as taking a break from these will continuously hurt you.

That means, if you wear them despite getting hurt, you will get used to them over time.

You can check our other article regarding relieving pain from rubber bands.

9. Avoid overdoing staffs

Most of the braces-wear think about it during the course of treatment. None likes wearing them for 1 to 2 years.

So, they think why aren’t the orthodontist putting more pressure on teeth to move them quicker. Actually, this is not the case.

When we, orthodontists, put a force or pressure on teeth, you have to evaluate many factors. Then, we decide to give a certain amount of force to the teeth.

In orthodontics, we call it the ideal force. This force causes faster tooth movement, though you may think it slow, and we can’t exceed the limit of the force.

However, if we give and excessive force on a tooth, it will damage your teeth as well as there will be no tooth movement. So, keep faith in your orthodontist. He or she will do the best for you.

Sometimes, when you wear that component of braces that you can remove from braces and put it back again, you may think of taking a break from that when you feel pain or discomfort.

This slows down the process of treatment. And, when you realize that you want to overcome it. So, you put double pressure on teeth.

It happens especially when you wear rubber bands. You may want to add 2 or more bands instead of one to get the fast effect.

Moreover, this will damage your teeth and stop the tooth movement. So, to get a faster result don’t think of doing it.

10. Protect your mouth and braces from injury

You have to protect your teeth, mouth, and braces from any injury. Any injury to the mouth while wearing braces can result in serious damage as well as treatment time will be prolonged.

If your children are wearing braces, you have to be more careful. Injury can happen during sporting activities.

We aren’t saying to stop doing this. Braces wearer should wear a mouth guard for braces to prevent sports injury. You can choose a perfect mouthguard for that.

Keeping your braces safe will make the treatment fast.

Moreover, accident damage to braces can cause popped out braces wire. This starts poking your cheek and mouth. Try to prevent and fix poking wire as well.

How to get braces off in a year?

Usually, the time required for orthodontic treatment is more than a year, on an average of 2 years. If it would great if you can get them off in a year or sooner than expected.

Actually, it depends on the severity of the case, as all cases aren’t the same. Severe cases need more time.

You can get braces off in a year if all of the following things happen-

  • Mild orthodontic problems e. g. mild spacing, mild misalignment, or less severe and non-extraction cases.
  • A good condition of teeth and supporting structures like gums and bones.
  • Following all instructions of your orthodontist.
  • Preventing damage to braces and their components.
  • Eating soft, nonsticky, and braces-friendly foods.
  • Preventing any delay in treatment progress.
  • Visiting your orthodontist regularly.

How to get braces off faster with rubber bands?

You may hear from somewhere that rubber bands are the last step to braces. Is that really true? We discussed it in another article. You can check that.

But, as you think it may be the last step, you want to know how to get the rubber band off sooner than expected.

Here are some tips for getting braces off faster with rubber bands-

1. Wearing rubber bands regularly

Wear the bands all day except for eating and cleaning. It may be 22 hours on average, Follow your orthodontist’s advice.

2. Change the band after eating

Rubber bands are made of elastics and one band can’t work for a long time. So, you have to replace the band 3 to 4 times a day.

Change the rubber band after each meal. If you don’t it won’t give the force effectively and there will be a delay in treatment.

3. Avoid doubling the number of rubber bands

As you know, adding excess pressure on teeth will stop tooth movement and damage the tooth, don’t add excess band without your orthodontist’s advice.

4. Don’t buy rubber bands without your orthodontist’s advice

All rubber bands aren’t the same. Your orthodontist uses certain types of elastics for your tooth movement. So, use those elastics which he or she gives you.

Even if you are out of stock and can’t visit your orthodontist for some reason, don’t buy them from a dental store.

It will make the situation even worse because it may damage your teeth and prolong your treatment time more.

5. Don’t take foods that need to open mouth wide

A good example of the food which requires opening mouth wide is the burger. This can damage your rubber bands. You can cut the burger into small pieces and then take it.

Follow all instructions regarding the rubber band

Always listen to your orthodontist’s advice.

Follow all the tips regarding how to get your braces off faster

You must follow all the tips we mentioned above for the rubber band, too.

Check out another article to know how long you have to wear rubber bands for braces.


Before thinking about getting the braces off faster, you must avoid any mistakes from your side which can make a delay in orthodontics treatment. You also have to maintain a braces-friendly diet, prevent them from getting damaged, and cleaning them in the right.

The most important thing is helping your orthodontist so that he or she can help you get off the braces fast. So, follow all instructions given by him or her and don’t miss any appointment.