Best Dental Wax For Braces: 5 Flavored and 7 Unflavored

Dental wax is one of the most important braces care kits that can help you just like your best friend at any time when you face a problem with braces or wires. But, you may want to know, what are the best dental wax for braces?

You should choose an orthodontic wax from a well-known brand so that it can be safe for your braces and health. However, you must know about their features such as longevity, stickiness, ease of use, ease of removal, the similarity with the wax provided by an orthodontist, and more before finalizing your decision.

In this article, you will get a complete guide to picking the best dental wax for braces based on the user’s review and features. You can also find out which flavored or unflavoured and gluten-free wax can be suitable for you with my recommendations at the end.

5 Best Flavored Dental Wax for Braces 2022

Best dental wax for braces

Your orthodontist may provide dental wax after attaching those braces. But, when you run out of it, you have to buy from a local store or online in most cases. So, you want a dental wax that’s similar to the product that is provided by the orthodontist.

Keeping that in mind, I have provided a list of the top braces wax with their pros and cons. You should know that dental wax is usually gluten-free and edible if you swallow it accidentally. So, nothing to worry about. Let’s start.

1. Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Wax with mint flavor

This is one of the best dental wax for braces right now, if not the best. It is a highly rated, and best-selling orthodontic wax. I personally love this product for some reasons and also recommend you to have it.

Just like other dental wax, it can reduce pain and discomfort by protecting your lips, cheek, and gums. This wax creates a barrier between the soft tissue of your mouth and the components of braces.

If a bracket becomes loose or the wire gets popped out, you can prevent them from poking your cheek. But, what is so special about it?

Sunstar GUM orthodontic wax is a similar type of wax that the orthodontist provides you after getting braces on teeth. Dentists also recommend this product. It contains harmless substances and is safe for health.

It can protect the soft tissue of your mouth while you eat or sleep. If you have already used wax, sometimes you may face trouble removing them. But, you can remove this wax quite easily.

This tooth wax is also very easy to use and sticks extremely well. So, if you are facing trouble with having the wax stick, it can be the right choice. This orthodontic wax is gluten-free as well. You can get the wax having mint flavor as this gives you fresh and odorless breath.

You can also get an unflavoured version if you like. This brand provides you with a portable container that helps you carry the wax while traveling.

Keep in mind that, you need to dry off the area nicely before applying to stick for a longer duration. You can get this one of the most popular dental waxes without any doubt.


  • Sticks much better compared to other similar products
  • Almost similar to the wax provided by a dentist
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Relieves pain and irritation by preventing braces from hurting gums
  • Protects gums and cheek for a longer duration
  • Reasonable price and provides a portable container
  • Available in both flavored and unflavored form
  • Clear wax that resembles the color of teeth


  • May feel a little more rigid

Products name

GUM Orthodontic Wax, Mint with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera (Editor’s Choice)

2. DenTek Wax For Braces Fresh Mint

Dentek wax for braces is another popular brand with positive reviews from users. It’s also the top-selling product right now. Many people have found it as the best wax for braces. So, you can also try this one. If you are looking for cheaper wax, this can be the best choice for you. Moreover, it’s transparent in appearance.

So, none can notice them easily. Dentek wax sticks very well on braces and helps relieve irritation from braces, brackets, and wires. You can get a mint flavor that helps give you fresh breath.


  • Clear wax and safe to use
  • Much cheaper and available in various package
  • Includes carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Sticks well
  • Aids in quicker relief of irritation from wires and brackets


  • Less in amount
  • A little bit softer and may not last longer compared to the previous product

Products name

DenTek Wax For Braces Fresh Mint Twin Pack, 1 ea (Pack of 6)

3. Azdent Orthodontic Wax for Braces with 5 Scent

This medical-grade paraffin-based wax is also highly rated. This wax is available in different flavors including Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Grape, Blue-Mint scents as well as an unflavored version. Very few bands provide clear wax with so many different types of flavors like Azdent.

This dental wax is also safe to use and edible. It offers 10 cases/packs, a total of 1 pack which is very convenient. The wax helps create a barrier between braces and cheek and reduces irritation. It has a lot of good reviews.

Ensure that you keep the wax in a cool place, as it’s so sticky. They advise keeping it in a refrigerator for 5 minutes if it gets too soft and melted.


  • Available in different flavors
  • Provides portable box for each wax
  • Medical-grade, paraffin-based wax and Harmless
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Effectively relieve pain by separating braces from cheek and gums
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides carrying box for each wax sheet


  • Too soft and sticky
  • May wipe off early
  • Need to keep in a cool place, under 25 ℃

Products name

AZDENT Dental Wax Oral Care Orthodontics Wax for Braces Gum Irritation(Pack of 5)

If you want to buy only mint flavor wax, you may get this 10 pack offer.

4. Element Dental Orthodontic Wax with different colors and scents

Dental wax from OrthoBands is another good quality product for braces. The specialty of this brand is they offer dental wax with 10 different colors and scents that other bands don’t have.

So, if you wear colorful braces or have colorful elastic bands on braces, it can be a great choice for you. Just like other wax, it’s also safe to accidentally swallow.


  • Available in 10 different colors and flavors
  • Helps relieve soft tissue irritation from braces
  • Acts as a barrier between braces springs, wires or brackets and soft tissue of the mouth
  • Provides clear carrying cases
  • Made of medical-grade paraffin-based wax
  • Convenient package and affordable price
  • Easy to use and stick to braces quite nicely


  • Flavour isn’t very strong
  • May not last very long
  • Little bit soft

Products name

Element Dental Orthodontic Wax 10 Pack-10 Colors/scents Available (Assorted)

5. RZJZGZ Dental Oral Care Orthodontics Wax

This dental wax is also available in 10 different fruit flavors. But, an interesting thing is they blend in with teeth and braces as they are transparent in appearance. The quality of the product is good.

If the above products aren’t available in-store, you can go with this one. However, some waxes are too soft. But, don’t worry if you swallow a portion of wax accidentally, as it’s safe to digest.

Keep the wax at a low temperature (under 25 ℃) and dry place. If you feel that it’s too soft while applying, keep it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before applying.


  • Clear wax and blends in with teeth
  • Aids in temporary relief from irritation caused by components of braces
  • Consist of medical-grade paraffin-based wax
  • Offers 10 different fruit scents
  • Provide separate colorful boxes for each box.


  • Some products are too soft
  • May not last very longer
  • Weak flavor

Products name

RZJZGZ Dental Oral Care Orthodontics Wax with Fruit Smell for Brace Wearers Flavored Gum Protection (10Pack)

Honorable mention – EvaGO Dental Care Orthodontic Wax

Though I listed it last, it’s another good-quality dental wax for braces. It may not be great like other products I mentioned above but can serve the purpose at a very little cost.


  • Inexpensive with a good amount
  • Safe to use
  • Clear wax with Individual cases
  • Protects gums and cheek effectively from braces
  • Consists of medical-grade paraffin-based wax
  • Available in 10 different fruit scents


  • A little bit harder and need more effort to apply
  • May not last very long

Products name

EvaGO Dental Care Orthodontic Wax

7 Best Unflavoured Dental Wax For Braces 2022

1. Genuine Orthowax for Braces

If you ask me to name two top dental wax, Genuine Orthowax must be one of them. It’s the most popular, top-selling, and highly rated dental wax. It’s recommended by most users. If you are looking for the best unscented dental wax, you must have it.

This wax has all of those qualities that a dental wax should possess. It’s hard to find any drawback of this wax if you used other products as it’s way better than them. The most important of them all is stickiness.

You may find it difficult to find a product that can stick well to brackets and wires. You will also find that this product is almost the same as the product that you get from your orthodontist.

This orthodontic wax is the best to serve this purpose. Moreover, it can be used for clear aligners, dental prostheses, and broken teeth as well. This creates a comfortable barrier between components of braces and gum, lips, tongue, and cheek. This gives tissue to heal and eliminates irritation and soreness.


  • Sticks better
  • More effective
  • Clear wax and almost invisible on teeth
  • Offers clear carrying cases for each sheet of wax
  • Similar to the wax provided by Orthodontist
  • Water-repellent
  • Unscented and unflavoured
  • Consists of Medical grade paraffin-based wax
  • Reduce pain and irritation from braces temporarily and effectively by protecting gums and cheek
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Edible and safe to use


  • May not find in a local store (but available online)
  • May feel a little bit softer

Products name

Genuine Orthowax for braces (Editor’s choice)

2. Sunstar Unflavored GUM Orthodontic Wax

GUM is one of the most popular and highly rated dental wax braces. It’s almost similar to the Orthowax. You can get its unflavoured version.

This wax sticks extremely well compared to other brands. The unscented version gives you the same advantages as the flavored one that we have discussed above.


  • One of the best in term of stickiness
  • Edible and safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Much cheaper with great quality
  • Reduce irritation from rough metal braces by creating a barrier between soft tissue and braces.
  • Transparent appearance
  • Provides carrying cases


  • Little bit rigid

Products name

Unflavoured GUM – Orthodontic Wax with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera (Pack of 6)

3. TecnidentUSA unscented and unflavored orthodontic wax

TecnidentUSA dental wax provides great value. Price is affordable and helps stick the wax with braces effectively. As it’s hard inconsistency you may need to make it warm with fingers before applying it.

It has got a lot of good reviews. a good selling product. They have used Non-Paraffin Wax Formula to make this wax. This dental wax is safe to use and gluten-free. It’s durable and sticks well to brackets.


  • Provides superior sticking, elasticity, and melting properties
  • Highly durable and Flexible
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Easy to clean from braces
  • Consists of Medical Grade Microcrystalline Wax
  • Aids in relieving irritation caused by poking wires or rough brackets.
  • Stick nicely and stay for a long duration if you can apply currently on a dry surface


  • A little bit hard consistency
  • Take time to make it moldable before applying
  • May fall off quickly if you can’t apply properly

Products name

TecnidentUSA Orthodontic Wax for Braces – Dental Care – Pack of 10 – Unscented and Unflavored

4. AZDENT Unscented Dental Wax for Braces

This brand not only provides wax with various flavors but also provides unscented dental wax. Moreover, unflavored variety is top-selling and recommended by many users. It’s also very affordable.

You get a carrying case with the wax. The wax matches the color of your teeth. It effectively protects your gum, lips, and cheek from poking wires or the rough metal surfaces of brackets.


  • Safe to use and edible
  • Much cheaper
  • Clear wax
  • Includes carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Work very well to separate soft tissue of mouth from braces
  • Clear Wax with portable cases


  • Some wax may be too soft and may not last very longer
  • Need to keep in under 25 ℃ temperature

Products name

AZDENT Unscented Dental Wax for Braces Teeth Orthodontic Waxes Pack of 5

5. Dental Ease Orthodontic Wax

Dental ease provides dental wax that’s getting popular today. They have fixed their previous issue and the new product is really great. This wax sticks extremely well on braces and protects your gums and cheek. Moreover, this product is gluten-free and unflavoured.


  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Consists of Medical-grade paraffin wax
  • Odorless, Tasteless, and colorless wax
  • Cheaper than many similar products
  • Durable
  • Stick really well
  • Offers colorful portable cases


  • May feel a little bit harder
  • May take time to reaches a moldable consistency

Products name

Dental Orthodontic Wax for braces and oral appliances (10 -Pack, 50 strips total), Odorless, Tasteless

6. Fresh Knight Dental Wax for Braces

This product can also work well with braces and protect cheek and gum irritation from brackets, springs, and wires. It’s colorless, gluten-free, and edible. Price is also affordable.


  • Easy to use and good sticking property
  • Easier to remove
  • Provide a big storage box with a small individual box
  • Transparent wax and blends in mouth
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Convenience package


  • Little bit hard
  • Takes a bit of effort to push it onto the brackets.
  • May fall off early if you can’t achieve moldable consistency before applying

Products name

Fresh Knight Dental Wax for Braces

7. HappyShip Orthodontic Wax

This wax recently doing great. You can also get this good-quality wax. They can serve the purpose of wax quite nicely.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Work effectively with braces and help heal the gum and cheek irritation
  • Odorless, tasteless, and colorless
  • Made of medical-grade Braces Waxes
  • Provides portable cases


  • Too soft and need to store at low temperature
  • Need to keep in the refrigerator before applying if it’s soft.

Products name

HappyShip Orthodontic Wax Dental Wax for Braces, Odorless and Tasteless (12 Packs, 60 Strips Total)

How to buy dental wax for braces

You should know the ideal properties that an orthodontic wax should possess before buying a product. The wax should also be worth the cost. Check out the brands that offer convenient packages. But, keep in mind that quality is the most important thing.

You may not find which is the best braces wax instantly if you don’t experiment. What I suggest is to get 2 different types of products.
If you buy one, go for the top listed product I have mentioned here. However, many brands change their quality from time to time.

The qualities that the dental wax for braces should have

Ideal dental wax for braces should have the following properties.

Sticks extremely well to braces

Stickiness is the most important factor. Too sticky wax is hard to apply and also very difficult to remove. Some waxes are so sticky that they adhere to fingers while applying and cause a lot of problems. If the wax is less sticky it may fall off early. So, it should be ideal.

Creates a perfect barrier between soft tissue and braces

The main goal of using dental wax is separating gums, tongue, lips, and cheek from metal braces. An ideal wax must serve this purpose. It should not be dissolved in the mouth and expose the braces earlier than usual. Moreover, braces wire, springs, and brackets shouldn’t penetrate the wax easily.

Lasts for a longer duration

Longer-lasting wax is the best. If it sticks longer you don’t have to replace it again and again. Some wax gets disintegrated when they come in contact with saliva, foods, or liquids. Avoid this type of wax.

Easy to mold and apply

Usually, you make a roll and make a small ball of wax. The wax needs heat to become moldable that it gets from the temperature of your finger. If the wax isn’t good, it may take more effort and time to do that. It happens often when the wax is too hard. Sometimes, too sticky or soft wax may get caught in your finger that’s also problematic.

Easy to remove or clean

As the surface of braces and wires is irregular and rough, the wax may not come easily. Some wax causes more problems while cleaning them. So, try to be sure that the wax can be removed easily.

Not too hard and not too soft

The consistency of An ideal wax should be moderate. The wax wouldn’t melt at normal temperatures. However, it should not be too hard. This makes putting wax on braces difficult.

Ideal melting temperature

You can’t know the melting temperature of a specific product. But, you should try to find out which wax doest melt at room temperature.


You should go for a product that offers you an individual case for each wax sheet. This helps to maintain hygiene.

Don’t damage braces

While wearing braces, it should be a prime concern that braces don’t get hurt or broken. Usually, a good dental wax doesn’t damage braces or their components.

How much does braces wax cost?

Dental wax is much cheaper. 10 packs of dental wax for braces may cost you from $9 to $12 including the carrying cases. That means the cost for each wax with an Individual case is almost one to two dollars on average. However, the price varies from band to band.

Learn how to use dental wax for braces properly.

Where to buy dental wax for braces?

You can get the orthodontic wax at any local dental store or you can order it online. Usually, you get wax from your orthodontist only when you get the braces. You can check out the links which are shared above to order it now.

Why should you get orthodontic wax?

Orthodontic treatment takes 1-2 years. This is a long time and you can face various problems such as poking or popping out braces wires and broken braces brackets during the time. You may require it more after getting braces tightened every time.

Dental wax can fix those issues temporarily and help reduce pain and discomfort. Just take a pinch of wax and apply it to the sharp surface. This will prevent brackets or wire from hurting your cheek, lips, gums, and tongue.

Know when you can use dental wax for braces.

Though you have to visit your orthodontist to fix the issue permanently in many cases, tooth wax can help you and give you comfort until you visit the orthodontist’s office.

Moreover, if you run out of orthodontic wax, you should collect the product since you may need the wax at any time or in any emergency while wearing braces. Now, you may ask, is there any alternative?

The answer is Yes, you can check out some substitutes for braces wax. But, honestly speaking, none other technique or product can be more effective than dental wax.

Orthodontic wax is easier to use, longer-lasting, and better in terms of stickiness than other alternatives. But, you can try those as well, if you want.

Which orthodontic wax should you buy?

You can go with our best pick from the list above. This product has got a lot of positive reviews. It’s one of the top-selling products and the price is also very reasonable. Switch to another available product from the list if it’s not available while you buy.

Here is my suggestion.

  • Go for Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Wax if you like mint flavor.
  • Get Genuine ortho wax if you like unflavored wax.
  • Choose AZDENT Dental Wax if you want various flavored wax.

Besides, you can experiment with different products from popular brands like Sunstar GUM wax, Genuine Ortho Wax, Tecnident, AZDENT, and others from the list and try to find out which works the best for you.

All products are almost the same here. But, stickiness and longevity may vary. While experimenting, try to find out which wax lasts longer, spreads nicely over the braces, and sticks well. You can get a variety of flavored and unflavoured wax. Decide which one you like the most.

If you are allergic to any wax, stop using it and consult with your orthodontist or doctor. In most cases, it won’t cause any issue. If you accidentally swallow a piece of wax, don’t get worried.

It doesn’t cause any harm. However, try to avoid this type of situation. Whatever product you buy, make sure that the braces and your teeth are dry. Faulty using technique can lead to early falling off of the wax.

Final thought

Choose a dental wax for braces that stick well and last longer than others. It should be easy to make a mold, apply, and remove. The flavor depends on your preference. However, you must know the proper method of using it. Many people complain even after buying the best product on the market because they follow the instructions to apply the wax properly. Besides, don’t forget to keep the wax in a clean box and maintain oral hygiene properly.