How To Eat And Chew With Braces? [Top 19 Simple Tips]

After getting braces, you need to change your food habit. So, question is, how can you eat and chew with braces?

You have to be always careful while eating with braces on your teeth so that foods don’t hurt the braces or get stuck between teeth and braces. So, you have to eat soft, nonsticky, and easy to chew food. Sometimes, you need to take a bite gently and chew food slowly to protect the braces.

In this article, we’ll know, how to eat with braces without foods getting stuck and protect your braces from the foods you eat.

19 Ways To Eat And Chew With Braces

How to eat with braces

Here are ways to eat while wearing braces.

1. Avoid hard and crunchy foods

When you chew or bite hard and crunchy foods, it may put pressure on your teeth. This pressure may provide a force on your braces that are attached to the teeth.

This force may detach the brackets. Sometimes it may damage the wire and springs of braces.

So, avoid these foods to prevent braces from getting loose or falling out. It’s better to stay away from hard foods than to find a way of eating.

Here are some examples- popcorn, nuts, raw fruits, raw vegetables, certain chips, hard candy, and others.

Get a full list of foods to avoid with braces.

2. Make smaller pieces

Stay away from food like burgers, pizza, or apple that need to open your mouth wide while you bite on it.

If you love the food and want to eat that sometimes, cut it into small pieces before you take them.

3. Choose foods that can be cleaned easily

Braces wearers face a lot of trouble cleaning the mouth thoroughly. If you pick the wrong food, you can’t remove the food debris from the teeth, even if you try your best.

4. Avoid sticky foods

Sticky foods are hard to remove from teeth and their contact points. You need to brush and floss for that.

Moreover, when you wear braces, those foods get stuck between your teeth and braces. It’s a difficult task to clean those food particles.

If the food debris remains there, bacteria and plaque accumulate and gradually cause tooth decay or gum disease. So, avoid sticky foods such as caramel or candy.

5. Stay away from sugary foods

Sugary foods are the friend for bacteria presenting in your mouth. If you can’t clean these foods, the bacteria form acid to dissolve enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay.

When you wear braces, you have to be more careful. So, avoid foods like lollies, chocolates, sweet candy, and others.

6. Avoid sugary and acidic drinks

Acidic and sugary drinks also stimulate the caries formation process. Acidic foods also stain your teeth and they turn yellow.

Keep in mind that you should use tooth whitening products with braces. So, avoid drinks such as soft drinks, hard drinks, soda, sports drinks, and some fruit juices.

7. Know how to chew food with braces

Here are the chewing techniques for braces:

Chew slowly.

If you think the food you are taking isn’t braces-friendly, chew it slowly. But, you should avoid the food.

Chew with your back teeth.

Use your back teeth as they are strong enough to bear the stress of chewing.

Use wax on sharp wires.

If braces wire rub your cheek and guns while chewing, you can use wax to cover the area. However, replace the wax after your meal.

Also, know how to eat with braces the first week.

8. Drink water while eating

Drink plenty of water during eating help you swallow foods easily. It also prevents foods from getting stuck in the teeth, brackets, and wires. Even when they get caught, it rinses away easily.

9. Take fruit juice with care

Don’t take fruits or vegetables such as apples, carrots, or guava in the normal way. Be clever and use the special technique because opening your mouth wide while eating or the hardness of these foods can damage your braces.

The best way of taking these is by making juice. You can also take by cutting them into small pieces.

10. Take non-sticky and non-sugary foods

You should choose nonsticky and nonsugary foods as they are easy to clean and may not cause tooth decay.

11. Take soft foods

Soft foods are the most appropriate foods for braces. You may not like them but try to take it whenever possible.

Especially, take this when you can’t clean teeth properly like for lunch at the office or school.

Examples are yogurt, puddings, desserts, soft chewable chicken, soft-cooked vegetables, and fruits.

12. Take liquid

Liquid foods are also a good choice for braces. It’s especially suggested for the first few days after getting braces.

After getting your braces tightened, you should also consider liquid foods. The reason for that is you feel pain during that time and if you take solid foods it may increase the pain.

13. Take the soft recipe

If you know what types of foods are recommended for braces, you can prepare your own recipe or follow a recipe to make a meal and take it with braces.

Select those ingredients in your recipe that don’t damage the braces and food debris can be cleaned easily.

14. Clean teeth after a meal

As cleaning teeth with braces is hard, you have to learn a special technique of brushing and flossing teeth with braces. It’s equally important to choose food to eat with braces.

Clean your teeth after every time you take food. Even if you can’t brush or floss, rinse your mouth with water after the meal.

15. Learn how to Eat with braces pain

When you feel sore and painful because of the braces, you should eat softer and liquid foods. Choose foods such as soups, smoothies, soft-boiled rice, yogurt, boiled egg, mashed potatoes, or puddings.

You can also take healthy drinks and fruit juice. Moreover, you must avoid sugary, sticky, and hard foods.

In addition, clean teeth thoroughly so that no food debris remains between the braces and teeth.

16. Know how to eat after braces tightening

You have to be more careful after getting new braces, as you aren’t used to the food habit with braces.

For the first few days, you need to take a more liquid and softer diet, because braces and wires remain weak during that time.

When your orthodontist will put pressure on your teeth by tightening the wires, you also need to be very cautious about the food habit, as teeth feel sore and painful for a week. So, you must eat softer foods for that.

Check our other articles regarding the foods after getting braces tightened and diet for the first few days with new braces.

17. Know how to eat with wax on braces

You have to put the dental wax on a poping wire after getting braces. But, can you eat with wax on your braces?

It’s better to remove the wax from the braces before you eat. Otherwise, foods may get caught in the wax or the wax will fall out. After meals, clean the teeth and then apply the wax.

But, you have painful teeth with braces or wires poking your skin, you can take your meal with wax on.

However, you must remove it after the meal and clean the teeth. After that, you have to use new orthodontic wax.

If you don’t do that, the wax will become dirty and lead to excessive buildup of plaque as well as tooth decay.

18. Learn how to eat with springs on braces

You can eat with the springs on braces. Actually, you aren’t allowed to remove them at any time. You have to pick the right foods so that they don’t cause any harm to the springs and braces.

In addition, you have to take time to remove the food debris from the braces as well as springs using proper methods of flossing and brushes.

Your orthodontist may provide your coil springs or forsus appliances.

Learn all the ways of eating with braces springs.

19. Know how to eat with rubber bands or elastics

You can get various types of elastic bands during orthodontic treatment. Those are inter-arch rubber bands, elastics, and power chains. Can you eat with rubber or elastic bands?

You can eat with r inter-arch rubber band. But, it may depend on your orthodontist. Some encourage wearing rubber bands while eating, because it may move the tooth fast.

However, you have to replace it with new bands after the meal. Some orthodontists allow you to remove the bands during eating. Follow the instruction of your orthodontist regarding that.

You can eat with ligature and power chain on braces. But, you have to choose braces-friendly foods to eat. Moreover, you have to clean your teeth thoroughly after you eat.

FAQ about Braces Foods

How to eat popcorn with braces?

Popcorn is a favorite food for almost everyone. If you are a popcorn lover, you may ask,
“Can I eat popcorn with braces?

No, you can’t eat popcorn with braces because of its kernel. Biting on the kernel can damage the braces and it may also get stuck inside wires and brackets or between the braces and teeth.

However, if you still want to eat popcorn, you can pick an alternative for it.

As you know hard and crunchy foods can damage your braces, hard kernels also do the same. Even if you make popcorn without braces, it may not be comfortable to chew because of the kernel.

Moreover, the kernel can get stuck between your teeth or gums sometimes, without even wearing braces.

You can get rid of that by flossing or using a toothpick easily. But, it’s harder to remove that while you are wearing braces.

When the part of popcorn remains on your teeth for a long time, it causes pain. You may also develop plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease.

How can you eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a healthy food that contains antioxidants and other nutrients. If you love to eat popcorn, find an alternative way.

Get alternative ways from here.

How to eat chips with braces?

Kids and even many adults love chips. But, are chips okay to eat with braces?

Simply speaking, you can’t eat chips with braces. The reason is it’s hard, sticky, or crunchy that may damage your braces as well as teeth.

So, you try to find a way to eat chips with braces or alternatives to it.

Get alternative ways from here.

How to eat candy with braces?

You can eat soft, nonstick, and less sugary candies with braces. You must those candies that aren’t good for the braces and teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Know about the types of candies to eat with braces from here.

How to eat chicken with braces?

Chicken can be the best protein-rich food to eat with braces. But, you should avoid the chicken dish or items that are going to hurt your braces.

Get the list of chicken recipes or items that you can eat with braces from here.

How to eat chicken nuggets with braces?

Yes, you can eat chicken nuggets with braces on your teeth, as they are soft on the inside. But, you have to protect your braces from getting hurt from the rough surface of the nuggets.

Don’t worry. It’s relatively safe. However, you should cut it into 2 or 3 small pieces before your bite or chew.

How to eat apples with braces?

You can’t eat an apple normally, because it’s big in size and hard. So, you have to cut it into small slices to eat. You can also eat applesauce.

How to eat pizza with braces?

You have to choose soft crust pizza with soft and easy to chew toppings to eat with braces. In addition z you have to make small pieces before you take them.

Get all the techniques with the types of pizza you should eat from here.

How to eat a burger with braces?

Try to avoid burgers while you are wearing braces due to their big size and hardness. Don’t take a bite making your mouth open wide, otherwise, you may have broken braces.

Even if you want to eat, pick a burger with soft and nonsticky ingredients and cut it into as small pieces as possible. You should also go with chicken or vegetable burgers.

Get the ways of eating burgers with braces from here.

How to eat corn on the cob with braces?

Eating corn on the cob is dangerous for braces users. The cob is hard and rough. When you bite on the cob to eat the corn, brackets of the front teeth may get loose or fall out and wires may pop out.
So, how can you eat?

Cut off the corns from the cob with a knife. Then, you can eat corn. But, you have to chew them carefully so that they can’t get stuck between the braces and teeth.

How to eat hard food with braces?

As you can’t eat hard food with braces, you may want to find a way to eat that. Use one of the following techniques if it’s possible-

  • Cut into small pieces or slices
  • Make them softer
  • Use a blender to make juice or drink
  • Boiling
  • Mashing

You can’t use all techniques for certain foods. Use your IQ for that. Your main goal is to protect your teeth and braces from getting hurt and keep your mouth clean after the meal.

How to eat a sandwich with braces?

A sandwich can be braces-friendly food if you follow proper technique. However, the bread and the ingredients of the sandwich must be soft and easy to chew.

Usually, the bread of sandwiches is softer in comparison to burgers and pizza. You should choose a chicken and vegetable sandwich for braces.

Before eating, cut them into small pieces with a knife and fork. In that way, your braces are safe.

How to eat nuts with braces?

Those who love to eat nuts curious to know, can you eat nuts with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat nuts with braces, as they may get stuck between the teeth and braces and even break the wires or brackets.

Moreover, it’s hard to remove those nut pieces from the braces in addition, biting on the hard nuts may also damage it. So, stay away from nuts and almonds.

So, what’s the alternative?

You can eat peanut butter, almond milk, and any soft or liquid foods made of nuts that don’t hurt your braces.

Since nuts and almonds are very nutritious, you can use an alternative way to eat them.

How to eat cereals with braces?

You can’t eat cereals because they are so sticky. However, you may make a thin cereal source, which isn’t sticky. You can eat it with thin apple slices.

But, keep in mind that, you have to clean teeth and braces completely from the cereals.

How to eat McDonald’s with braces

You can eat Mcdonalds only if you can control yourself from some of your favorite foods that may damage your braces.

When you take a burger or this type of food, cut them into small pieces. Moreover, be sure about the ingredients of the items you choose.

But, you should avoid eating McDonald’s during the orthodontic treatment. Once, your treatment is completed, you are free to take those delicious foods.

How to eat chocolate with braces?

Simply speaking, you should avoid chocolate with braces because of the presence of a high amount of sugar in it.

But, if you want to eat chocolate, you should be clever to protect your teeth and braces from that.

Avoid hard and sticky chocolate bars and candies.

You can eat soft nonsticky chocolate cake and cookies. You can also take chocolate milk or drinks without having any problem.

How to eat fruit with braces?

Fruits are so healthy that you should eat that regularly. While wearing braces, you have to be cautious about the braces as well.

First of all, choose soft fruits which are easy to chew. Hard fruits may break your braces and part of them can get lodged under the wires and braces.

It may remain there for a long time, as cleaning of teeth isn’t so easy with braces. Eventually, they can damage your teeth and cause tooth sensitivity and cavities.

So, how can you eat fruits?

Cut the big-sized fruits into small slices before you eat.

If it’s possible, take a blender and make fruit juices. However, don’t take acidic fruit juices more often, as acidic drinks may stain teeth more with braces.

As a result, you may end up with an uneven color of teeth after the removal of braces.

Stay away from those fruits that may damage your braces and teeth.

Can you eat steak with braces?

You should avoid any raw meats including steak and red meats while wearing braces. They are tough to chew and may damage the braces. Steak can easily get stuck in wites and brackets and is also hard to clean. You can replace it with softer meats such as chicken or fish.

Can you eat nachos with braces?

Nachos are delicious food. But, you can’t eat nachos with braces due to its hard and crunchy nachos chips and sometimes the ingredients.

Those can damage the brackets and wires. You can make dust of the nacho chips, and choose soft ingredients, but that’s not going to give the actual experience of eating nachos.

So, it’s better to stay away from nachos during that time.


You may get worried about diet for braces. But, it’s not a difficult task when you get used to it. For the first few days or a week, you have to be concerned about your diet. Then, it’ll turn into your habit.

However, you also have to be careful about cleaning your teeth properly. Otherwise, whatever you eat may be harmful to your teeth and braces. So, maintain oral hygiene regularly.

How to eat with braces - food ideas and tips