How To Fix Loose Wire On Braces: Step-By-Step Guide

During orthodontic treatment, you may have to face some problems with the braces wire like a loose wire. But, how to fix the loose wire on braces at home?

You can fix the loose wire at home using the following methods depending upon the situation of the wire:

  1. Bending the wire back into the proper position
  2. Application of orthodontic wax
  3. Cutting the wire with a fingernail clipper

However, these methods help prevent loose braces from causing any trouble while eating or cleaning the tooth and prevent it from hurting the cheek and gums. But, to get a permanent solution, you must visit your orthodontist.

Let’s know in detail about the methods of fixing a loose wire at home.

How to fix the loose wire on braces with steps?

Fixing Loose Wire On Braces

You may have a loose wire for any reason. After getting braces, it gets loose over time normally when a tooth starts to move.

Sometimes, it may happen accidentally due to biting on hard food or poor toothbrushing and flossing techniques.

Whatever the cause is, you need to check the condition and inform your orthodontist what you are going to know.

Here are the method and step-by-step guide by which you can fix loose braces wire at home easily:

Technique 1 – Bending the wire back into the proper position

Here is the step to bend the loose wire at home:

1. Try to identify the problematic wires and make a plan.

First of all, you need to look at the wire carefully and try to understand what’s the problem with it. There are two types of wire which you can get while wearing braces.

One is an archwire that runs through all brackets and the other is a thin wire that is attached to each tooth individually.

Archwire can get loose or come out of the slot of the bracket. When there is a popped-out wire you can bend the wire. When it comes out of the slot, you can place it in the slot with a simple home instrument.

If the thin wire can get loose, you can bend the loose portion of the wire to prevent it from hurting your cheek, lips, and gums.

2. Pick a perfect tool to push the wire back.

You can perform the method with a simple instrument such as:

  1. Tweezer
  2. Pencil
  3. Pen
  4. Cotton swabs
  5. Spoon

Take one tool from these and make sure it’s clean and sterilized because you have to touch inside the mouth with it.

Cotton swabs are the most sterilized tools among them. You don’t need to clean it. Just take a new swab.

But, if you choose other tools from this list, wash it with soap or hand wash thoroughly and make it dry.

After that, you can be ready to use it. Tweezer can be a great choice as you can move the wire easily with it.

The pencil is another good option because it has a soft eraser end. You the eraser end to push the wire. If you choose a pen or spoon, use the back end of it.

3. Push or bend the wire in a favorable direction.

After talking about the tool and cleaning it, go in front of a mirror. Pull the cheek or lips and expose the area with one hand. And, take the tool on other hand to fix the wire.

Push the wire back away from the cheek and place it under the bracket if it’s popped out or there is an excess portion of the wire.

If the wire is loose, bend the wire gently toward the bracket or tooth. Your goal is to prevent the wire from touching or poking your cheek, lips, and gums.

So, the safest position to place the sharp edge of the wire is under the bracket.

Don’t give too much pressure while pushing or bending the wire, otherwise, it may cut your gums or cheek and deform the entire wires or brackets.

If you can’t for it on your own, you can ask your family member to do that.

After you are done, open and close your mouth 2-3 times and then touch the area of the braces, where the wire was loose, to feel whether there is any discomfort.

If the problem persists, you may try other methods or make an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Technique 2 – Application of orthodontic wax

The loose wire may sometimes get popped out from brackets. This pokes your cheek as well as cut it. So, you can simply cover it with something that protects your cheek.

In this case, Orthodontic wax is going to help you. You can also apply the wax even with a loose wire that causing discomfort.

But, it’s not a permanent solution. You need to visit your orthodontist for that. Let’s know how to apply orthodontic wax on the loose wire.

1. Wash and dry your mouth.

You must put the wax in a clean mouth. So, if you out the wax after a meal, brush your teeth, make it dry and then apply it.

Other times you can floss and rinse your teeth before using the wax. To make your mouth dry, simply pull the mouth or lips outward and Let the air enter inside the mouth.

2. Wash your hand.

Wash your hand nicely with soap or hand wash before starting the procedure. Wash your hand thoroughly for at least seconds.

3. Take a new piece of orthodontic wax.

Orthodontic wax is available in sheet or stick form. You need just a piece of wax for this process.

Don’t reuse the piece of wax that you have used before. This is bad for your oral health.

Always take a new portion each time you apply it. You can buy a box of orthodontic wax from the market.

You can also ask your orthodontist and collect some for an emergency.

4. Make a small wax ball.

With a clean hand take a small piece of wax and roll it with your finger to make a ball. It should be about the same size as the area of the wire to repair.

5. Apply the wax on a loose wire.

To apply the wax, touch the loose wire with it at first. Then, push it gently until it touches the bracket or tooth.

Make sure that the wire does not leak out of the wax in the opposite direction. You may feel mild pain or sore tooth after putting on the wax, which is normal. It goes way over time.

6. Maintaining the wax

Don’t brush or eat with the wax on your teeth. You can eat it accidentally if you chewing something with it.

You can remove the wax and replace it with a new piece at any time you want. However, dental wax isn’t toxic.

So, don’t get worried about your health. Even if you swallow it accidentally, it may not cause any problem.

But, you should avoid it from happening. Seek your orthodontist if you face any problems or have any queries about the wax.

Technique 3 – Cutting the wire with a fingernail clipper

You can cut a loose wire when an excess portion of it irritates you. It may happen to both thin wire and archwire. When the tooth moves, wires become loose over time.

So, it may result in a pop-out or poking wire that needs to be cut. But, before doing it, ask your orthodontist and take permission or you may make the situation worse.

Keep in mind that, you can only apply this method when you have no other way. Let’s take a look at the steps:

1. Pick a cutting instrument.

You don’t need to buy any special instrument to cut the wire. You can cut the thin wire placed on each bracket easily with simple tools. Here are some instruments:

  1. Nai clipper
  2. Dental wire cutter

You should use a nail clipper, as a dental wire cutter can’t be easy to control. Make sure that it gets adjusted to the size of the working areas in your mouth.

2. Clean the cutter and wash your hand.

You must sterilize the cutter since you have to insert it into your mouth. Use antiseptics to clean it thoroughly. Also, wash your hand with soap properly.

After that take a min to dry your hand and the cutter. But, don’t wait too long, as germs will attack them again.

3. Cut the wire holding by hand.

Take the nail clipper in your dominant hand and hold the base of the wire with your other hand. Do the procedure in front of a mirror.

Cut the braces wire gently. Don’t push the wire or cut the wire more than it’s necessary. Moreover, don’t let the wire get swallowed. It can be harmful to you.

However, if you can’t do it on your own, ask your friends or family member to cut the wire. Guide him or her as we have discussed here.

But, if you fail to cut it perfectly and it hurt you, make an appointment with the orthodontist to solve the problem.

In some cases, you can’t access the wire without a special instrument. In this situation, you must take help from the orthodontist.


You can fix the loose braces wire yourself at home using orthodontic wax, tweezer, and fingernail clipper. You can do this to prevent the loose wire from causing any problems.

But, you must make an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible to fix the wire permanently.

Delaying may cause abnormal tooth movement or hurt your mouth and increase the treatment time in some cases.