How To Get Braces Off Faster Than Expected?

Before the start of treatment to the finish, the most frequent query from braces wearers is, “Is it possible to get braces off faster than expected?”

Everyone finds wearing braces uncomfortable. You might become annoyed while eating, sleeping, or at any other moment of the day.

You also need to wear additional parts like elastics, wires, and springs. You must thus want to get rid of them more quickly.

So, How to get braces off sooner than expected?

In this article, I’ll explain ways to get braces off faster and what happens if braces come off sooner than expected.

Can you get your braces off earlier than expected?

How to get braces off sooner than expected

You might be able to get your braces off earlier than expected when your teeth have shifted into their new positions faster than anticipated. However, your orthodontist will need to confirm that your teeth are indeed ready to be released from the braces before making any decisions.

However, getting your braces off earlier than planned requires the approval of your orthodontist. This is because they will need to ensure that your teeth are in the correct position before removing the braces. If you try to remove your braces earlier or do that yourself, you could end up damaging your teeth.

You can always talk to your orthodontist about the possibility of getting your braces removed early. They will be able to give you a better idea of whether or not it is possible, based on the progress of your treatment.

Next, in this article, you’ll know what to do to get braces off faster.

Can braces come off sooner than expected?

In some cases, patients may have their braces removed sooner than expected as their teeth move into alignment more quickly than anticipated. This is because some patients’ bodies respond more quickly to braces treatment than others.

In general, however, patients can expect to wear braces for the full length of time prescribed by their orthodontist.

Can braces work faster than expected?

It is possible that braces may work faster than expected. This is because every individual is different and results will vary from case to case. Whether braces will work faster depends on the age of the individual, their bone density, and the condition of their teeth.

Another possibility is that the person’s teeth are already in good alignment and the braces are simply making minor adjustments.

In general, it is best to consult with an orthodontist to get an estimate of how long treatment will take.

How do you get your braces off faster than expected?

By avoiding any damage to the brackets or wires, practicing good oral hygiene, eating the appropriate foods, attending all of your scheduled appointments, and following the orthodontist’s instructions, you may get off your braces sooner than you expected. Additionally, you need to avoid any delays in the course of orthodontic treatment.

Here are hacks to get your braces off faster.

1. Consult a certified orthodontist.

You must first know which dentist is ideal for this if you want to get braces to straighten your teeth.

You need to be aware that there is a field of dentistry called orthodontics in case you aren’t already.

In addition to many other procedures to improve your jaw and facial structure, it deals with tooth alignment.

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in this field. You must visit an orthodontist because they are the experts in this field to get the best and fastest results.

But how can you identify them? It’s so simple. He or she might hold a post-graduate degree in the area, such as an MDS or MS in orthodontics.

Try to consult with an experienced orthodontist as well. A good orthodontist will try his or her best to complete the treatment quicker and properly. You don’t need to have to worry about it.

2. Avoid having your braces damaged.

You must follow the advice provided by the orthodontist and take care of your braces and other attachments so that they can’t be broken, and get loose or bent due to injury, accident, or any other reasons. All of these will delay the treatment.

Keep dental wax always with your to fix any issue immediately. If you want to know which products can be best for you, you can check this.

Best dental wax for braces

3. Consistently practice good oral hygiene.

The most crucial thing to do while wearing braces is to maintain good dental hygiene. Food particles get caught between the teeth and brackets at this time because of poor oral hygiene.

This could result in periodontal disease, tooth decay, and even damage to braces.

So, what you need to do is after taking food to clean your teeth. Brush and floss regularly.

This will help keep your mouth healthy and make the braces treatment faster.

However, follow the proper technique of brushing and flossing with braces. Otherwise, you may damage it.

Additionally, use a toothbrush and flosser designed for braces.

Check out our recommended braces cleaning tools.

Avoid meals that are difficult to clean or that tend to stay on braces readily. You should be more cautious when cleaning your teeth if you have braces because it is more difficult.

You must use greater caution when braces are required to be worn with elastics or springs. Additionally, you must clean them using the right proportions and protect against damage when eating.

Some components of braces like rubber bands need to wear during eating, some may not. So, to get quicker results, keep the component on during eating as your orthodontist advised.

4. Make solid food braces-friendly

Wearing braces need to change your food habit. You can’t take all the foods with it that you take now. As solid food can damage your braces, you need to chop foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, or hard-crusted bread.

Cutting hard and big-sized food into small and bite-sized pieces will prevent you from damaging your braces.

5. Avoid hard, sticky, and crunchy food

You must choose a healthy diet while wearing braces, which involves avoiding certain foods.

Avoiding the foods you enjoy eating is a really challenging endeavor. But you must make this sacrifice if you want the optimal outcome.

In fact, you shouldn’t be upset because removing the braces quickly is your main objective. But which foods must you stay away from?

For braces, hard foods must be avoided. Many times, chewing on hard food causes brackets to get loosened, fall out, or become damaged.

One is that you must wait until the scheduled repair appointment. Another is that braces work best when worn continuously.

Sticky foods should also be restricted in your diet since they can become lodged between brackets and teeth. Sugary foods should also be avoided.

You may ask that if you clean the tooth properly and regularly, then what’s the problem?

The answer is simple. It’s difficult to clean those sticky food particles completely while wearing braces, even though you try your best.

This favors the tooth decaying process. It also weakens periodontal health. So, to get a better outcome avoid these types of foods.

Moreover, stay away from foods that require opening your mouth wide while eating.

Some examples of foods that you should avoid are – Hard candy, toffee, popcorn, bubblegum, nuts, pizza crust, crusty, cookies, meat, caramels, and others.

Check our other article to get the full list of foods to avoid with braces.

6. Eat soft and easy-to-chew food

Eat food that is safe for braces. These foods help them to function properly and move their teeth. These can be foods that are soft, semi-solid, or liquid.

Choose meals that won’t stick to brackets or wires wherever possible. Take foods that have fewer sugars as well. This is due to the difficulty of cleaning teeth when wearing braces.

Choosing the correct foods throughout therapy will help you avoid delays. This implies that you can remove braces more quickly.

Yogurt, soup, pasta, cooked vegetables, soft fruits, and others are a few examples of meals that may be beneficial for braces.

Check it out to know more- list of braces-friendly foods.

7. Don’t miss appointments.

Regular visits to your orthodontist are necessary for orthodontic treatment. You might eventually grow tired of it. But, if you wish to get your braces taken off sooner, you need to see him or her on that certain day. But, why?

In order to move the tooth a specific distance at a specific time, the orthodontist tightens the braces to a specific limit during a visit. After that, he/she arranges the subsequent appointment.

The tooth won’t be moved from there onward.

Therefore, skipping and delaying the visit implies you’ll stop receiving active treatment and halt progress.

For this reason, even if you aren’t experiencing any major problems, see your orthodontist frequently.

8. Don’t chew on hard objects.

Chewy foods aren’t the only things that can damage your braces. You should also be careful about chewing on hard objects, such as fingernails, pens, pencils, or ice cubes. Not only can this damage your braces, but it can also injure the soft tissues of your mouth.

9. Avoid pushing your teeth.

Your teeth may feel loose while you’re wearing braces, but it’s important not to push or force them into place. This can damage your braces and delay your treatment.

Moreover, don’t play with the springs or elastic that you have to wear for braces.

10. Follow all instructions by your orthodontist

Your orthodontist will provide you with a lot of instructions and guidance during the course of your braces treatment, from the first day to the last. These may be after adjusting braces or after adding a new component like elastic or spring.

All of these instructions are to achieve the best result and complete the treatment quicker. So, if you want to get rid of braces, follow him or her.

11. Wear rubber bands regularly

You may need to wear various braces components, such as wires, springs, elastics, or rubber bands, in order to straighten your teeth.

Some of them are fixed to your braces, while others are removable, allowing you to switch them out as needed.

Sometimes they might need to be periodically replaced. This specifically occurs while using elastics or rubber bands.

You must maintain these removable components since you can change them out or replace them.

You may occasionally take a break from wearing these materials if they bother you or cause you pain. But avoid making this error.

For a better treatment result, each and every braces component is crucial.

Your orthodontic treatment will take longer and be less effective if you don’t wear those consistently or if you don’t heed the advice of your dentist.

Additionally, you should consistently wear items like rubber bands or elastics because stopping will continue to hurt you.

That means, if you wear them despite getting hurt, you will get used to them over time.

You can check our other article regarding relieving pain from rubber bands.

12. Avoid forcing your braces to work fast

Most people who wear braces consider it while they are receiving treatment. For one to two years, nobody enjoys wearing them.

So, they ask why the orthodontist isn’t applying greater pressure on the teeth so they can move more quickly. This is not actually the case.

When we, the orthodontists, apply pressure to the teeth, there are several factors to consider. Then we choose to apply a specific amount of force to the teeth.

It is referred to as the optimum force in orthodontics. 

Although you might believe it’s slow, this force generates faster tooth movement, and we can’t use more force than what the force can handle.

However, if we give excessive force on a tooth, it will damage your teeth as well as there will be no tooth movement. So, keep faith in your orthodontist. He or she will do the best for you.

You can consider taking a break from wearing the part of your braces that you can take off and put back on if you experience pain or discomfort.

The healing process is slowed down as a result. Additionally, you might decide to apply double pressure on your teeth when you wish to overcome it.

It happens especially when you wear rubber bands. You may want to add 2 or more bands instead of one to get the fast effect.

Moreover, this will damage your teeth and stop the tooth movement. So, to get a faster result don’t think of doing it.

13. Protect your mouth and braces from injury

You must protect your mouth, teeth, and braces from injury. Any mouth injury while wearing braces can cause considerable damage and increase the length of the recovery process.

You must use greater caution if your kids have braces. Be careful with sports. Sporting events can result in injuries.

If you or your kids play contact sports, wearing a mouthguard is necessary to protect your teeth and braces. You can ask your orthodontist for a custom-fitted mouthguard, or you can purchase one at a sporting goods store.

The orthodontic treatment will get faster if you keep your braces safe.

Moreover, accident damage to braces can cause popped-out braces wire. This starts poking your cheek and mouth. Try to prevent and fix poking wire as well.

14. Avoid bad oral habits.

Bad oral habits, such as sucking your thumb or biting your nails, can damage your braces and delay your treatment. If you have trouble breaking these habits, talk to your orthodontist about ways to break them.

Can you get braces off 6 months early?

Generally, it is possible to get braces off six months early if you have had them for at least a year and a half and if your orthodontist approves. However, it also depends on the severity of your dental issue and how well you have taken care of your teeth during the treatment period.

To ensure that you are able to get your braces off early, be sure to take good care of your teeth and follow all of your orthodontist’s instructions.

How to get braces off in a year?

In most cases, orthodontic treatment takes more than a year, on average, 2 years. If you can get them off in a year or sooner than you expect, that would be fantastic.

But, because every case is unique, it depends on how serious the case is. More time is needed for severe cases.

You can have your braces removed in a year under the following conditions:

  • Mild orthodontic problems, such as minor spacing, minor tooth misalignment, or less severe situations that don’t require extraction.
  • Teeth and their supporting systems, such as the gums and bones, are in good health.
  • Following all instructions of your orthodontist.
  • Protecting braces and their components from damage.
  • Eating soft, nonsticky, and braces-friendly foods.
  • Preventing any delay in treatment progress.
  • Regularly seeing your orthodontist.

How do you get braces off faster with rubber bands?

You may hear from somewhere that rubber bands are the last step to braces. Is that really true? We discussed it in another article. You can check that.

But, as you think it may be the last step, you want to know how to get the rubber band off sooner than expected.

Here are some tips for getting braces off faster with rubber bands-

1. Wearing rubber bands regularly

Wear the bands all day except for eating and cleaning. It may be 22 hours on average, Follow your orthodontist’s advice.

2. Change the band after eating

Rubber bands are made of elastics and one band can’t work for a long time. So, you have to replace the band 3 to 4 times a day.

Change the rubber band after each meal. If you don’t it won’t give the force effectively and there will be a delay in treatment.

3. Avoid doubling the number of rubber bands

As you know, adding excess pressure on teeth will stop tooth movement and damage the tooth, don’t add excess band without your orthodontist’s advice.

4. Don’t buy rubber bands without your orthodontist’s advice

All rubber bands aren’t the same. Your orthodontist uses certain types of elastics for your tooth movement. So, use those elastics which he or she gives you.

Even if you are out of stock and can’t visit your orthodontist for some reason, don’t buy them from a dental store.

It will make the situation even worse because it may damage your teeth and prolong your treatment time more.

5. Don’t take foods that need to open your mouth wide

The burger is a good example of a food that requires opening the mouth wide. This can damage your rubber bands. You can cut the burger into small pieces and then take it.

6. Follow all instructions regarding the rubber band

Always listen to your orthodontist’s advice.

7. Follow all the tips regarding how to get your braces off quicker

You must follow all the tips we mentioned above for the rubber band, too.

Check out another article to know how long you have to wear rubber bands for braces.

Can you get braces off after a week?

You cannot get braces off after a week. Depending on the severity of your dental problem, treatment can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months. So, you can only get your braces removed once treatment is completed.

Can you get braces off after a month?

It’s not possible to get braces off after a month because the minimum amount of time for treatment is 18 months. However, in some cases, treatment can be completed sooner than expected.

However, if you have clear or invisible braces (such as Invisalign), then you may be able to get them off after just a few months.

What happens if I get my braces off early?

If your braces are removed before your treatment is complete, your teeth may shift back to their original position. This can cause your smile to become crooked or uneven. Even, it can get worse than before the beginning of braces treatment. In some cases, you may need to wear braces again to correct the problem.


You must first think about not making any mistakes that could cause the orthodontic treatment to be delayed before considering getting the braces off more quickly. Additionally, you must follow a diet that is suitable for those using braces, protect braces against damage, and clean them properly.

The most important thing is to support your orthodontist so that they can assist you quickly in removing your braces. Therefore, stick to all of their instructions and attend all scheduled appointments.