Dental Wax For Braces: 21 Things You Should Know

Whenever braces wearers feel any pain and discomfort because of braces or their broken pieces, they try to find a solution. You can use braces wax to solve the issue in most cases. But, what is dental wax for braces?

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about ortho wax for braces.

What Is Dental Wax For Braces?

Braces wax is a soft wax substance that can help make a barrier between braces and cheek or gums. It’s also known as Dental wax or Ortho wax. It covers the brackets or braces wires to make the surface smooth and protect your mouth from getting hurt.

Dental wax for braces

You can use it when new braces cause pain or any braces component that gets broken or loose. This allows your mouth to heal from an ulcer or sore.

You can apply this harmless wax regularly until you see your orthodontist get to fix broken braces permanently.

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What Is Ortho Wax Made Of?

Usually, dental wax for braces is made of natural wax such as beeswax or carnauba wax that’s harmless for your body.

Some include paraffin wax as well. It may contain ingredients for texture, taste, and flavor like mint or others.

It may also have fillers and modifiers so that it can work properly in your mouth.

All of these ingredients are harmless and usually don’t cause any problems when you swallow them accidentally.

However, many waxes are tasteless, flavorless, and clear. You can get these varieties if you want. Invisible wax is also good for your aesthetic.

The Orthodontic wax can maintain its shape and remain solid at normal room temperature.

However, it’s pliable at body temperature and that’s why you can apply it with your fingers easily.

The dental wax is water-impermeable and doesn’t get dissolved in saliva or water.

How Does Wax For Braces Work?

Dental wax works as a protective barrier between metal braces and gums or cheeks. Because of its structure, you can give it any shape, even make it soft and smooth.

This orthodontic wax changes its shape when it gets hot. Normally, it remains firm at room temperature.

When you touch the wax, it gets softer by the warmth of your hands. As a result, you can cover the wax over the affected braces freely.

You can make it smooth after applying. It doesn’t change its shape that much for hours in your mouth to give you protection.

However, you can’t use one wax for the whole day, as it falls off.

What Is Braces Wax Used For?

Braces wax is used for the following condition to protect your mouth from metal braces:

1. Prevent getting hurt from new braces

When you get traditional metal braces, you may get a sore mouth at the beginning. The reason is sharp metal rubs your braces and it needs to be adjusted. Metal braces must touch your mouth whatever you do.

So, after getting new braces, some areas of your mouth may get hurt. So, you can use wax in that area to get relief from pain and stop it from rubbing your mouth.

It also helps you after getting your braces tightened.

2. Loose or bend braces wire

You get wires along with brackets for orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, you may have a loose braces wire.

Or, one side of the wire may get bent. It may happen due to an accident that may occur while eating or cleaning your teeth or an injury.

If you don’t fix the wire, it may start rubbing your tongue, cheek, or gums. You can also try other methods if you have loose or bent wires.

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3. Broken or loose bracket

Sometimes, dental wax can help you just like your friends when one of your brackets gets loose or is about to fall out.

You can hold the bracket in position with the wax until you visit your orthodontist.

However, if it falls out, save the broken bracket nicely and bring it to your orthodontist.

Use the wax on the affected wire to protect your mouth.

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4. Popped out wires

In some situations, the wire may get popped you of braces or come out of the slot. If you can move it back to the slot, then you have no problem with it.

But, if it’s damaged more, you can apply dental wax. Therefore, you can move your mouth freely and it can’t hurt your mouth.

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5. Wire poking the cheek and gums

Sometimes people leave a loose or popped-out wire without doing anything. This wire starts to poke your cheek or gums continuously.

It causes soreness or cuts in the mouth over time. If you don’t stop this, you may face a lot of problems.

Poking wire is very common in the case of back braces. The archwire that runs through your all brackets can become pokey.

It pokes the back of the mouth, as the end of the archwire remains on your back teeth.

You should put on an orthodontic wax to prevent poking. You can use other techniques to fix the poking wire at home.

However, if you can’t solve the problem at home, consult your orthodontist for that.

How To Use Braces Wax?

You have to use the wax on braces regularly if you have a loose, poking, or broken braces wire.

Besides, you need to replace the wax two to three times a day, as a small piece of it can’t stay intact on your braces for a long time.

Ways to put braces wax

You get braces wax in a small box from your orthodontist or a dental store. As it’s available in stick form, you have to take a piece from one end of a stick.

Before that make sure, you wash your hands thoroughly with soap to clean bacteria and viruses.

You should also brush your teeth and clean the affected area from food debris.

However, dry off your hands and mouth before putting the wax or it can’t stick to the braces.

Then, make a mold in your hand. Roll it in your hands and make a ball like a small popcorn kernel.

You can do it easily as the wax gets soft when it gets warmth from your hands.

Put it on the affected wire or brackets and press it firmly to cover it completely.

Rub its surface with a finger to make it smooth. This wax protects the soft tissue of the mouth from braces.

After applying the wax, your sore and cut tissue becomes relaxed and doesn’t have to face any injury.

So, it can heal fast and relieve your pain and discomfort.

It will guard your mouth well till you get it fixed permanently by your orthodontist.

Ways to remove braces wax

Removing braces wax is another important part of using dental wax. You can remove it simply with your fingers and with the help of a toothpick or dental floss.

You need to clean the wax completely before applying the new wax because it gets dirty after a few hours.

So, if old wax remains in the braces, it’s bad for your oral hygiene.

How often to change wax on braces?

You should replace the wax at least twice a day to maintain oral hygiene. However, you need to change it if the wax starts to fall off, otherwise, you may swallow it.

It gets dirty quickly when you use it while you eat. You should remove the brush when you brush your teeth or it will be caught in the toothbrush.

How long does orthodontic wax last?

When you have loose or poking braces wire, use dental wax until you visit your orthodontist to fix it permanently.

In case you use dental wax due to irritation and pain for new metal braces, use it for a few days to a week.

After that, your mouth gets adjusted to the braces and you get used to it. When you have a sore or cut, use the wax until the affected tissue gets healed.

Can you reuse braces wax?

You should never reuse the piece of braces wax that you have already used. Moreover, it isn’t so expensive.

So, you must be aware of your oral hygiene and replace it with new wax from time to time.

Besides, using a piece of wax doesn’t have the same effect as the new piece and it can fall off more easily.

As you have to break a piece from the same stick of wax, you should save it nicely inside the box of wax. Don’t make it dirty when you touch it.

How to get dental wax to stick to your braces?

You can get dental wax to stick on your braces, if you clean and then dry off the area before putting the wax.

You need to brush your teeth and remove all food debris. After that, make the area dry by pulling your cheek away from the area to let the air enter the mouth.

You also need to use clean and dry hands during applying the wax to get it to stick to the braces.

Caring for dental wax and teeth with braces

You should change the wax regularly to maintain oral hygiene. Remove the wax using the floss or tip of a pencil and then, brush your teeth to remove the old wax completely.

On the clean surface of braces and teeth, apply a new piece of wax.

Try to avoid eating with wax on braces, as it makes your teeth and wax dirty.

To maintain good oral health, brush at least twice a day and floss your teeth at least once a day.

Remove food debris from your teeth and braces completely.

Otherwise, plaque and bacteria will deposit in between teeth and braces and cause staining or tooth decay.

Can brush your teeth with wax on braces?

Though there is no such problem to brush your teeth with wax on braces, you should avoid it, because the wax gets caught in the toothbrush.

However, brushing teeth with wax will cause the fall off of the wax. Try to remove the wax as much as possible with floss or pencil before bruising the tooth.

Re-apply the new piece of wax after brushing your teeth thoroughly.

Can you eat with braces wax?

It’s not advised to eat with braces wax as it falls off while chewing and you must change the wax after each meal.

Besides, it has no use during eating, instead, it makes your teeth dirty. However, ortho wax is edible, which means it’s safe to eat foods with the wax in your mouth.

If you have loose braces or wire that hurts your cheek or gums while eating, you can keep the wax in place.

But, you must replace the wax after the meal to maintain oral hygiene and its effectiveness.

What happens if you swallow wax for braces?

You don’t need to worry if you swallow a piece of dental wax accidentally, because it’s non-toxic and safe to eat.

This is made in such a way that you can safely use it in your mouth. No harmful ingredient is used when they make the wax.

It doesn’t cause any side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea if you take a very small amount. However, you can’t eat it intentionally.

Can you drink with wax on your braces?

It’s better to remove the wax while you drink as it may fall off. Try drinking in a way that doesn’t touch the wax. However, it doesn’t cause other problems.

Can you sleep with braces wax?

You can sleep with the orthodontic wax without having any problems. In fact, your orthodontist may recommend leaving the dental wax overnight to sleep well, if you feel any pain and discomfort with braces.

When braces hurt you, you can’t protect your cheek and gums from them without the wax. Even, you don’t have any control over your muscles while sleeping.

This can hurt you more and injure your mouth. So, it’s better to keep it.

However, you don’t need to be afraid if you eat a piece of wax accidentally during sleep.

Is there any substitute for braces wax?

Though dental wax is the best material to protect your mouth against braces, there are other substitutes for wax such as dental silicon or plastic lip guards.

Those can also help prevent braces from hurting your cheek, tongue, and gums.

Dental silicone is a good alternative as it works similarly to wax and stays on your braces for a longer duration.

What are the tastes and flavors of Braces wax?

Most of the ortho wax is flavorless and has no taste. However, many brands have flavors. Commonly you can get wax with min flavor.

Some people ask a common question, is dental wax gluten-free?

Yes, dental wax doesn’t contain any gluten or sugar.

Where to get braces wax?

You can get the braces wax from your orthodontist. In fact, he or she gives a box of orthodontic care kits.

Inside that, you’ll find the wax. However, you can buy a box of orthodontic wax from a dental store near you.

If you face trouble buying the wax, you can ask your orthodontist which one you can purchase.

Can you use orthodontic wax for a clear aligner?

You can also use orthodontic wax for Invisalign, but the purpose of using it is a little bit different.

You don’t need to use it for broken components, as Invisalign doesn’t have wire or metal components like metal braces, instead, it’s made of plastic.

However, it is useful when your mouth gets sore because of the Invisalign. In that case, you can apply the dental wax on Invisalign to reduce the pain.

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Can I remove the dental wax on the braces myself?

Yes, you can put and remove the wax anytime you want. Braces wax is made for you that helps you to any kind of discomfort from braces.


Dental wax for braces is used to protect your cheek and gums from braces and wires. During the first few days of braces, your mouth and teeth adjust to them and the metal surface of braces rubs your mouth.

So, you may need to use the orthodontic wax for the first few days so that your affected mouth can heal.

It can also be very useful when your braces or wires get broken or loosen and start hurting your mouth.

You can use it any time you want. However, you need to change the wax a few times a day to maintain oral hygiene.

Use the proper method of applying it as we have described.