Do Power Chains For Braces Hurt [8 Tips for Pain Relief]

Power chain sounds like scary words, and when your orthodontist tells you that you need those for orthodontic treatment, you ask, do power chains for braces hurt?

You may feel soreness or mild discomfort due to the additional force applied by power chains to your teeth after the orthodontist applies them. But, the intensity of pain is much less than what you experience after braces tightening or getting other components and it lasts for only a few days.

Curiosity regarding the power chain is high as some people get it at the last stage of braces treatment.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pain from the power chain, how long it may last depending on various factors, and how to relieve pain from power chains for braces.

Why do power chains for braces hurt?

Do Power Chains For Braces Hurt

Before knowing about this, you have to understand how the power chain works and how tooth movement occurs due to orthodontic treatment.

Power chains are made of elastic just like ligature or rubber bands used for braces. Elastic ligatures are used to hold the braces with teeth.

They are placed individually on each tooth whereas a power chain connects one tooth with others.

The power chains can close the gaps or prevent reopening a gap using their lateral force.

Therefore, one tooth pain after braces can be caused by power chains.

How can an elastic-made power chain hurt you?

As you know, when you extend elastics, they tend to go back to their original form. We, orthodontists, use this property of elastic, in this case, power chains.

Orthodontists use power chains to close the gap between teeth. It can be between two teeth or among all teeth. So, they place power chains on the braces between the teeth. 

During the placement of the power chain, it gets stretched. After that, when they try to get back to their normal form, they put a force on the teeth which give pressure on bones holding the teeth.

Because of that, you feel pressure on your teeth and think that you are getting hurt. But, pain from the power chain is much less than from activated braces when major tooth alignment is done.

Due to the pressure on bone produced by the power chain, changes occur within the structure of bone. Bones get dissolved from the side of pressure and new bone formation occurs on the other side.

As these bones hold your teeth, these changes guide your teeth to move. As a result, tooth movement occurs and power chains close the gap.

Don’t worry. This process won’t hurt you. Even, when your teeth start to move, you feel less pain.

You may have these gaps from normally before the treatment, or after teeth alignment, gaps can be created, or some space can persist after removal of the tooth for braces treatment.

We can use either springs or power chains to close the gap. Usually, the orthodontist uses power chains near the end of the treatment when major alignments are done.

Over the course of orthodontic treatment, you may tolerate different types of pain, but the power chain’s pain may not be so intolerant for you.

Do power chains hurt when they are attached?

Attaching the power chain on braces won’t hurt you. Your orthodontist will take a simple instrument and put the elastic with the hook of brackets. That’s it.

Before attaching braces, he or she’ll decide which types of power chains your need, as there are three variations.

You may get power chains on two teeth to close a gap or on all teeth to close all gaps.

No matter what types are used, you may not feel pain during the adjustment.

You also won’t get hurt during every appointment when your orthodontist will change the power chains and put the new one.

How long do power chain braces hurt after they are put on?

After getting the power chain on the braces you may feel soreness for a few days to a week because of the force applied by them, but you won’t experience much pain as you experienced after getting the braces wire tightened.  

Besides, when teeth start to move, you may not feel any pain.

However, the duration of discomfort may vary in individuals. Some patients may feel get hurt for a bit longer and some shorter.

Do Power chains for braces hurt in between treatments?

After the first few days of getting the power chain, you may not feel any pain. During the course of treatment, you may not be worried about the pain.

However, you may feel mild discomfort when you get a new power chain at every appointment. But, it’s not like the first day of getting it.

Do power chains hurt during the removal?

You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the removal of the power chain.

Every time your orthodontist removes any materials from braces, you should be excited thinking that finally they are going to remove uncomfortable or painful things from your mouth, or you are getting close to the end of treatment.

Same thing you may feel for the power chain. During the removal, your orthodontist will use the same types of instruments they used to put on.

When do power chain braces hurt more?

Unlike other materials used on braces, the power chain may not hurt you that much. You may feel more pain in the first 2 to 3 days than the rest of the time of treatment with the power chain.

But, the intensity of pain or discomfort always varies from person to person.

How to relieve pain from power chains braces

As the power chain’s pain isn’t so severe, you may not be worried about it. But, if you need to get rid of the pain, you should talk to your orthodontist, or you should follow his or her advice.

1. Take over-the-counter pain relievers

If you can’t tolerate the pain, you may take the medication your orthodontist prescribed.

2. Drink cold water

If you feel pain, take cold water that can ease your pain by numbing the affected area of your mouth.

3. Use an icepack

Just like other pain relievers, apply an ice pack over the affected area on the cheek to relieve pain.

4. Apply oral anesthetic

You can apply a local anesthetic that’s can be used for mouth pain, presided by the orthodontist to get stop the braces power chain from hurting your mouth.

Get all methods to relieve pain from braces.

4. Take soft food

Eat soft food to avoid any pain as well as prevent damage to the power chain.

5. Avoid hard and sticky foods

Don’t take sticky or hard foods that may harm your power chain. This can delay the treatment. You may not want more prolonged treatment if you are uncomfortable with these materials.

6. Follow all the instructions

You should follow the advice given by your orthodontist. This can be helpful, too.

7. Clean your teeth with care

Brushing and flossing with power chain braces aren’t the same as normal teeth. So, learn the proper brushing and flossing technique from your orthodontist, otherwise, it may be responsible for the pain.

Keeping them clean is really hard. But, you will get a new power chain from your orthodontist in every appointment. During this time period, keep them clean. Otherwise, the treatment time will be prolonged.

8. Orthodontic wax

If you have pain after getting power chains because of any broken or loose part or any issue with a component of braces you can apply dental wax to solve it temporarily.

However, consult your orthodontist to fix it permanently.


In short, the power chain for braces hurts you so little in comparison to pain from other orthodontics materials. Even though you have to wear them for a long time, you may feel mild pain for the first few days, then there may not such discomfort.