What Happens If You Don’t Wear Rubber Bands With Braces

When your orthodontist attaches different components for braces treatment, like a rubber band, you have to be cautious and maintain it regularly. And, when it causes pain, you want to know, “What happens if you don’t wear your rubber bands with braces?”

If you don’t wear rubber bands with braces once a while or for a few days, it won’t cause any serious problems. But, when you do it frequently, teeth can’t move properly, correction of the bite will be hampered and treatment will be delayed.

The progress and the outcome of treatment may not be satisfactory as well. However, if you feel too much pain and don’t want to wear elastic bands, learn the techniques to relieve pain from rubber bands.

What should you do to overcome these problems and how to maintain or follow the instructions given by your orthodontist?

Let’s know about it in detail.

What happens if you don’t wear rubber bands with braces regularly?

Not wearing rubber bands with braces

Braces brackets are remain fixed to your teeth during orthodontic treatment. But, the rubber band is a removable component. That means patients have to maintain, remove, and attach it regularly.

As it’s fixed, the patient sometimes doesn’t maintain it according to the orthodontist’s instruction.

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Orthodontic Braces care - Welcome

What if the rubber band is the last step to braces treatment? Shouldn’t you wear them in this case?

So, the question is what’ll be the possible consequences of not wearing a rubber band regularly?

Let’s take a look at the effect of not wearing the rubber bands for braces.

1. Stop tooth movement

The rubber band gives constant force to teeth and puts pressure on bones that hold your teeth.

This changes the bone structure and creates a path for teeth movement.

When you don’t wear a rubber band regularly, this process won’t take place properly.

As a result, a tooth can’t move and the treatment won’t be effective.

2. Delay in tooth alignment

You get the elastic bands to bite correction like fixing an overbite. But, when you don’t use it properly, it can’t fix the bite and align your teeth accurately.

3. Continuous pain and discomfort

When you first get a rubber band, you feel pain and discomfort for the first few days. So, you may remove it and attach it again when the pain is relieved.

This approach is totally wrong. If you do this, you won’t get used to the rubber band and it’ll keep hurting you.

But, if you use it properly, you’ll get used to it over time.

4. Not get used to the elastics

Every time you get a new component or attachment with braces, you will need time to get used to it. So, if you stay away from rubber bands, it will take more time.

5. Delaying treatment

If you don’t follow any part of orthodontic treatment, there will be a delay in the completion of the treatment. So, not wearing the elastic will also delay the treatment.

6. Poor outcome of treatment

Treatment outcome won’t be satisfactory, as not wearing rubber bands according to advice loses the effectiveness of treatment and delays it.

What happens if you don’t wear rubber bands with braces for a day or 2 days?

Sometimes, you may forget to wear bands or sometimes because of some reasons you can’t wear them for days. But, it’s not a big deal if you can’t wear a rubber band once or twice a week or months.

Even if you don’t wear the elastics for a day or 2 days, nothing will happen. But, don’t do it frequently.

What will happen if you forget wearing rubber bands for a week?

Sometimes, when you go outside of your town for a tour and you are out of stock, you can’t wear the elastics for days to weeks. So, you may ask, “I forgot to wear my rubber for a week. What will happen?”

There are no major problems if you can’t wear rubber bands for a week. But, it shouldn’t happen frequently because this will stop the progress of treatment and there’ll be delays.

The rubber band needs to change every day. So, you need to make a collection of these elastics.

But, you can’t use the bands which you buy from a dental store. Rather, you have to use the bands provided by your orthodontist.

However, if you are taking a break from wearing these elastic regularly, start maintaining them properly as soon as possible.

In addition, inform your orthodontist about the situation so that he or she can treat it accordingly.

What to do when you don’t wear rubber bands regularly?

You have learned what happens if you don’t wear rubber bands with braces. Now, let’s know what to do if you have already done the mistake and how to overcome it.

1. Inform your orthodontist

Don’t be shy or afraid to tell your orthodontist about not using the rubber bands. You should do it for your own good. Your orthodontist will make a plan based on the situation.

2. Wear rubber bands regularly

Your orthodontist may suggest you wear 22 to 24 hourly a day. This means you have to wear it all the time except during the brushing of teeth. Follow the instruction given by him or her.

3. Change regularly

You can’t wear the same rubber band for the whole day. You have to change it 3 to 4 times a day, especially after each meal. Otherwise, it’ll lose effectiveness.

4. Don’t double up the rubber bands

If you don’t wear rubber bands sometimes, don’t double up the bands or try to put extra pressure on your teeth. This will damage the teeth and make the condition worst. After knowing the consequences of not wearing a rubber band, you may want to overcome it by any means. Even many people think of doubling up the bands or putting more pressure on teeth.

Never do that. This will make the situation worst. We, orthodontists, put an ideal pressure on teeth, neither excess nor less.
If we give an excessive amount of pressure, teeth will get destroyed. Keep in mind that, your teeth can’t bear the excess amount of pressure.

5. Don’t buy from a dental store

Your orthodontist gives you rubber bands that are perfect for you. He or she does it based on the severity of cases and treatment planning. So, you should never buy those from a dental store. Always use the bands which your orthodontist gives you.

6. Make a collection

Collect rubber bands as much as possible from your orthodontist, as you can’t buy them from outside.

7. Maintain hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene with braces and their components is hard. So, you should be more careful. Maintain hygiene and get a better outcome from using rubber bands with braces.

Recall your all hard work and investments – If you are not wearing the rubber bands regularly and not so serious about it, think about the money you invest in the treatment.

You also have to make a lot of sacrifices like pain, discomfort, and others in day-to-day life for braces treatment.

So, why don’t you follow the advice provided by your orthodontist? If you do, you can get rid of it fast.


In short, not wearing rubber bands with braces may not cause any major issue, but you shouldn’t do it frequently.

This will stop the progress of treatment and it will delay the removal of braces.

So, try to wear the elastics regularly and maintain them according to the instructions to accelerate the orthodontic treatment.