How Long Do Power Chains Take To Close Gaps

When your orthodontist attaches a new component to your braces, many questions arise in your mind. Just like that, when you get power chains on braces, you become curious to know, “How long do power chains take to close Gaps?”

The power chain can take 6 weeks to 6 months to close the gap or, even more, and you have to wear it for this time period. Actually, it depends on the size of the gap needed to be closed and other important factors. Moreover, all cases are different. So, the duration may be long or short.

Factors that determine the duration of the power chain in your mouth are as follows-

  • Size of gaps needed to be closed
  • Number of gaps
  • Types of power chains used
  • Severity of case
  • Age and general health of the patient
  • Taking care of power chains
  • Health and the density of alveolar bone
  • Health and condition of teeth to be moved
  • Heath of Periodontal tissue
  • Plan of your orthodontist

Actually, people want to know the duration because power chains can be the last steps to braces in many cases.

Can you predict the possible duration of your case?

Here you can know all of these factors in detail and also learn the ways to reduce the duration of the power chain.

Factors that determine how long you have to wear power chains on braces to close gaps

Power chain braces how long to close gap

Let’s know about the factors that tell you the answer to this question, “How Long Do Power Chains Take To Close Gaps”.

Size and number of gaps needed to be closed

A power chain is an O-shaped or C-shaped elastic that places with your braces to close the gaps between your teeth.

It’s made of the same elastic just like ligature or elastics that hold your brackets to teeth. But, the power chain looks different.

Your orthodontist can use it to close a single gap or multiple gaps.

These gaps may be created after the completion of the main teeth alignment.

At that moment, your orthodontist suggests the power chain.

Sometimes, he or she may use it early to treat misalignment, crooked teeth, or malocclusion.

Depending on how many teeth and gaps are involved, time will vary.

Moreover, the size of space is one of the most important factors which determine the duration of power chain treatment.

Types of power chains used

The power chains are of different types. Your orthodontist will suggest which type you need. Generally, it has three types such as closed, short, and long.

An orthodontist attaches a closed variety at each tooth, short in every other tooth and long in every their teeth.

Depending on the variety, the length of treatment with the power chain may vary.

The power chain can also be divided into two types according to shapes, such as C-shaped and O-shaped.

Usually, orthodontists recommend C shaped type in the adult patient and O shaped type in young patients.

Again, the duration of treatment may be different.

Severity of case

Why your orthodontist uses those power chains is important to know the time required to treat.

Treatment varies from person to person and all cases aren’t the same.

Power chains can be used to treat spacing, crooked teeth, or malocclusion.

All of these cases can’t be completed at the same time. So, there is always a variation.

Age and general health of the patient

The power chain helps teeth move and close the gap. This tooth movement is most effective in growing age.

We can expect faster tooth movement with power chains in young patients than in adults.

The reason for that is the growth of bone isn’t completed at this age. So, changes necessary for tooth movement occur more quickly than in adult bones.

The health condition of the patient can also be a very important factor.

Health and density of alveolar bone

The alveolar bone that surrounds your teeth must be healthy for an ideal tooth movement.

You’ll understand it if you know the mechanism of tooth movement.

Your orthodontist uses the power chain to create an extra force to the tooth to move it in the desired position or close a gap.

By applying this force, we actually put pressure on the alveolar bone.

This causes changes inside the bone structure. At the end of pressure, bone gets dissolved and at the opposite end, the formation of new bone occurs.

So, there’ll be a gap at the pressure site. Tooth shifts and takes the place. Thus, tooth movement occurs when we active power chains on braces.

Now, you know how important the bones are for tooth movement.

So, if your bones aren’t healthy, there’ll be a delay in tooth movement and you’ll have to wear a power chain more.

The density of bones is also very important. If your alveolar bone is denser, there’ll be a slow tooth movement. It may vary in individuals.

The density of the bone in the upper jaw is lesser than in the lower jaw.

So, you can expect faster tooth movement in the upper jaw than in the lower jaw.

This is how bone density affects the length of treatment with a power chain.

Health and conditions of teeth to be moved

At the end of the day, we use braces and power chains to get beautifully arranged teeth. And, we have to work with teeth and their supporting structures.

So, teeth need to be healthy to get a quick result.

But, if your teeth aren’t healthy, it may take more time to get a good result with power chain braces.

Another thing is if you have a tooth with a crown, bridge, root canal treatment, veneer, or any dental prosthesis, your treatment time with the power chain may be longer than usual.

Taking care of power chains

You can do nothing about the factors that we discussed above. But, what you can do is taking care of the power chain.

This is necessary because it may delay your treatment when you fail to maintain the power chain.

This means you shouldn’t cause any kind of damage to the elastics. Damage occurs as a result of wrong brushing and flossing techniques with power chains, eating hard and sticky foods, bad oral habits like nail-biting or pen biting, and more.

To take care of the power chain, follow the instructions your orthodontist has given.

Moreover, you have to use it as long as your orthodontist says. Otherwise, tooth movement won’t occur as expected.

However, it doesn’t mean we’ll give excessive force to cause quick movement. Actually, it causes permanent damage to your teeth.

The health of periodontal tissue

Structures that surround teeth, called periodontal tissue, must be healthy for power chain braces treatment.

If your periodontal health isn’t good enough, you may need to wear a power chain for more time to get a good result.

So, you have to keep your mouth clean and healthy during the treatment.

Plan of your orthodontist

At the end of the day, your orthodontist is the best person who can give the answer to the question “How Long Do Power Chains Take To Close Gaps”.

But, none can tell you the exact date. We can just predict it.

Also, check out my other article to know how braces close gaps between teeth.

How to make power chain treatment faster?

The answer is we can’t do it faster because we can’t put excess force. Not only does it stop tooth movement but also it will damage your tooth permanently.

However, you can take some steps so that power chain braces treatment can’t be delayed and your orthodontist can remove the elastics at the right time. You need to do the following-

  1. Follow the proper flossing and brushing method with the power chain and braces from your orthodontist.
  2. Stop eating hard, crunchy or sticky foods, and take soft and liquid foods.
  3. Give up habits like pen or nail-biting.
  4. Don’t remove the power chain without your orthodontist’s advice. Wear it till he or she is recommended to use it.

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How long do power chains last?

Depending upon the purpose of its use or the severity of the case, you may need to wear power chains for 6 weeks to 6 months. Sometimes more or less time may be required, as all cases are individual.

Factors that may affect the duration of treatment with this elastic, which we have discussed above.

But, you should always take care of your power chain.

Moreover,  follow all the instructions given by orthodontists even though it hurts to prevent lengthening of treatment.


In brief, some patients need 6 weeks and some need 6 months to wear the power chain to close gaps. However, there are several factors that may affect the duration of treatment with this elastic. Sometimes more or less time may be required, as all cases are individual. But, you should always take care of your power chain to prevent the lengthening of treatment