Invisalign Chewies: Do They Really Help, Do you need them?

Invisalign chewies are commonly used accessories for Invisalign treatment. But, do chewies really help Invisalign? Do you need them?

If yes, how long should you use them?

Let’s find out.

What are Invisalign chewies?

Invisalign Chewies: Do They Really Help, Do you need them?

Invisalign chewies are small and spongy chewing materials that look like a small cylinder or a roll of cotton or gauze. Usually, they are made of Styrene Copolymer that’s a plastic-like material.

Some of them are colorful with flavors and some of them are white with no flavors.

Do chewies really help Invisalign?

Chewies for Invisalign help the aligners fit in on the teeth properly and speed up the treatment by moving teeth properly. It can also reduce the pain or discomfort after getting the Invisalign aligners on your teeth.

Ways how Invisalign chewies work

Let’s find out the functions of Invisalign Chewies and the ways how they work.

Remove the air gaps and fits the aligners

Chewies help fit the Invisalign trays tightly on your teeth by closing the air gaps between the teeth and aligners.

When you get the Invisalign trays for the first time, they don’t fit well in your mouth.

Proper contact between the aligners and teeth is necessary to move teeth. The effectiveness of Invisalign depends on this.

But, small air gaps are present when you get those trays. You need to close the gaps to make the treatment effective.

Chewies are going to solve your problem. By biting on them regularly, the air gaps get closed gradually.

So, Invisalign gets fitted tightly on your teeth and starts to apply pressure on the teeth. 

Another important thing is, you need the chewies even after they are fitted because you have to replace the tray every 1 to 2 weeks.

When you get a new set of the tray, it can cause the same problem when you apply them to your teeth.

So, you need to chew those Invisalign chewies regularly to close the air gaps and seat the trays tightly.

Help straighten teeth faster

These spongy cushions also put extra pressure on your teeth through the aligners and help move your teeth and straighten them faster as well.

it can be one of the many ways to help treatment progress faster for those who are thinking about speeding up the Invisalign treatment.

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Ease the pain of Invisalign

When you get a new set of aligners, you may feel mild pain and discomfort.

Using the chewies can help you ease the pain of Invisalign, as they help you adapt the trays in your mouth.

These chewies relieve tension from the Invisalign by applying pressure on teeth. 

This is like countering the pain from Invisalign. It also gives you peace of mind.

What are the types of Invisalign chewies?

They can be colorful or white and unscented or scented. Here are the types of chewies used for Invisalign:

Green – contains mint flavor

Pink – contains  bubblegum flavor

Yellow – contains pineapple flavor

Purple – contains grape flavor

White – unscented.

Check out the best chewies with different colors from here.

Why do you need chewies with Invisalign?

You should use Invisalign Chewies for the following reasons.

Helping aligners sit properly on your teeth

New Invisalign aligners don’t fit well on your teeth properly. So you should use Invisalign chewies to get your aligners to sit on your teeth fast.

It’s really frustrating if the aligners don’t fit well on your teeth quickly. So many people try various methods so that aligners can start working soon after getting them.

Sometimes, many people also use different materials to fit the aligners. 

But, those tricks or forcefully doing something to make them work can distort or break the aligners and hurt the progress of your treatment.

But, if you are looking for the best possible solution, then you should use Invisalign chewies because they are made solely for this purpose.

You only have to chew on the aligner’s seaters, after wearing the Invisalign trays.

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Reducing pain and discomfort

Invisalign chewies can reduce the intensity of pain from Invisalign.

Normally, Invisalign doesn’t hurt like braces as it’s made of a smooth plastic substance. Even though you get Invisalign attachments or buttons, they’re not like metal brackets and wires.

However, when you get new sets of aligners, your teeth and gums become sore. If you have to wear Invisalign attachments or elastics, you may feel more pain and discomfort.

So, you can take help from those aligners seaters to ease your pain. They are going to help you more when you get new Invisalign trays for the first time.

Moving teeth fast

You should use Invisalign chewies if you want to get a faster outcome from Invisalign treatment.

As they help aligners sit on teeth perfectly and quickly, you can expect your teeth to start to move faster by using them.

Do you have to use chewies with Invisalign?

Whether you will use Invisalign chewies depends on you. Usually, the dentist suggests you use the chewies with Invisalign to help the aligners sit properly and get the outcome fast. However, you can also use other alternative instruments to chewies for this purpose.

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How long do you need aligner chewies?

You have to use aligner chewies as long as you get a new set of aligners every few weeks because you have to use them to fit the new aligners perfectly on your teeth. So, you have to keep Invisalign chewies with you throughout the treatment.

Can chewies speed up Invisalign?

Chewies for Invisalign can speed up the orthodontic treatment by moving teeth quickly because it fits the trays properly to your teeth. Biting on the chewies daily also produces extra pressure on the teeth and straightens your teeth faster.

But, you know, everything has a limit. So, don’t overdo it.

Learn how to use the chewies properly and how often you should use them.

Are chewies necessary for Invisalign? 

Yes, chewies are necessary after getting a new set of Invisalign trays. If you don’t use it, it will take time to fit against your teeth properly and prolong your treatment. Use these seaters for 10-20 minutes a few times every day, this will help fit them on your teeth tightly.

Where can I buy Invisalign chewies?

You can buy the Invisalign chewies or aligner seaters from a local dental store or order them online. Your dentist may provide only a few chewies at the beginning of the treatment. So, you have to buy it. Check this article to check the price and know about the best Invisalign chewies.


Invisalign chewies or aligner seaters help the aligner sit tightly and work accurately. They also put extra pressure on your teeth through Invisalign trays. All of these speed up the process and move teeth faster.

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