Can You Remove Invisalign Attachments Yourself

You get an Invisalign attachment and button to straighten your teeth, but you may want to get rid of them because for various reasons. But, can you remove Invisalign attachments yourself at home?

You shouldn’t remove the Invisalign attachments or button immediately on your own, even if you feel it’s important to remove them as it can make the situation worse. Normally, the attachments come off when you required tooth movement is completed.

Attachments and buttons are fixed to your teeth with a special type of glue. The dentist uses special techniques and materials to remove those from your teeth.

You can remove Invisalign aligners at home easily. But, if you try to take off attachments at home, it can damage your enamel and other structure of teeth. So, you need to consult your dentist to remove the attachments.

But, what you should do at home instead of removing them to serve your purpose?

When can you remove them?

Let’s know.

Why do you need to remove Invisalign attachments or buttons early?

Invisalign attachment removal

The need for early removal of the attachments or buttons means something is wrong with the components.

Here are some important causes:

1. Loose attachments or buttons

If any attachments or buttons get loose, you may need to remove them or rewatch i in the place. The loose component can’t work properly.

2. Not able to visit the dentist

It’s a common cause for which people want to remove the attachments at home. When people reach the last stage of treatment, they do not want to go to the dentist to remove those.

They think that they can do it on their own. But, this is a big mistake.

However, people think of doing so, when such an epidemic as COVID-19 occurs because they can’t contact the dentist.

Even in that, case, don’t try to do it yourself.

3. Poor tooth cleaning technique

Maintaining oral hygiene is so important with Invisalign. But, poor brushing and flossing techniques can damage the attachments or elastic hooks. You can be responsible for the early removal of it.

4. Wrong dietary habit

Though you can eat almost any food with Invisalign, some hard and sticky foods may damage the attachments or elastic hooks.

5. Not following all the instruction

You have to maintain different lifestyles with Invisalign. When you fail to follow the advice of your dentist, it may cause problems.

6. Falling off an attachment or buttons

Sometimes, an attachment or button may fall off due to some causes. In that case, you may feel you can remove other attachments too as you can’t wear the aligners properly.

But, you don’t need to remove other attachments for that. You should wait until you visit the dentist.

7. Attending a special event or wedding

As people are so concerned about their look and the attachments are a little bit noticeable, they want to remove it before a special event.

Sometimes, it may be for their wedding. We understand the importance, but unfortunately, you can’t do that without the help of your dentist.

What to do if you need to remove Invisalign attachments or buttons early?

If you want to remove the attachment early because of a special occasion or any causes as we mentioned, don’t do it on your own, instead, you must consult with your dentist and set an appointment.

Even if you can’t visit him due to a pandemic or any other situation, you still need to wait. After doing all the hard work for all these months, don’t waste it doing such a mistake.

If you need to do it badly, you can consult with another dentist who can perform this work.

However, if any attachments or buttons are removed or loosened, you can do the following things at home.

1. Put dental wax

If any attachment or button is loose, you don’t need to remove it. Put some orthodontic wax over it.

If it falls off and the teeth surface is rough because of the residue of attachments, you can cover it with a piece of ortho wax.

It will prevent your cheek, lips, or gums from getting hurt. However, after it’s coming off simple brushing should make the surface smooth. But, don’t put too much pressure.

If you don’t have perfect wax for your clear aligners, you should buy one today, as it can help you at any time. So, check it out.

2. Keep the removed attachment or buttons

You should keep the attachment or button if it’s removed already. The dentist can place it at your next appointment. However, you may need a new one if it doesn’t work properly.

3. Consult your dentist

Consult your dentist to fix the attachment. If you can’t solve the problem at home, you may need to visit the dentist’s office.

What will happen if you remove Invisalign attachments or buttons yourself at home?

If you decide to remove the attachment or button on your own, stop it right now.

Removing it at home can crack your enamel or structure of teeth. In severe cases, you may end up having a loose or fractured tooth.

Even, teeth can be damaged permanently because of the excess pressure. So, always visit the dentist for that.

When do Invisalign attachments come off normally?

Usually, Invisalign attachments come off normally after tooth movement is completed. However, you shouldn’t remove the attachments until it completes their work because they will delay treatment. They remain on your teeth almost for the whole duration to help make grip the Invisalign with the teeth.

Normally, the attachments are removed at the end of the Invisalign treatment. That means the attachments last for 12 to 18 months. But, why is so?

Attachments are the tooth color ridge that placed on teeth to hold the Invisalign in position. They also aid in tooth movement along with the aligners.

So, you have to keep them on your teeth until the treatment is completed and you get a straighter smile.

When do Invisalign buttons come off normally?

Buttons or elastic hooks last for a few weeks to months on your teeth. After the use of rubber bands is completed and your teeth get straight by fixing the overbite, buttons are removed from the teeth. But, why is so?

Buttons or metal hooks are attached to your teeth when you have an overbite or other bite problems that need to move the teeth in a certain direction.

So, you need to keep the elastic hook till the bite is corrected and you get straighter teeth.

How to remove Invisalign attachments and buttons in the dentist’s office?

When you visit the dentist’s office to remove the attachments or buttons, he will use the same instrument that he used for attaching them and some special instruments as well.

It’s the easiest way to remove the Invisalign attachments. He will take a special tweezer to remove the buttons. You will hear a cracking sound during the procedure.

After that, he will remove the remaining gules that was used to fix the buttons. However, removing the tooth color attachments or ridges is different.

The dentist uses a handpiece and bur to remove the attachments. This instrument is the drill that is used to prepare tooth surfaces for a crown and root canal or to remove tooth caries.

But, don’t be afraid. The procedure doesn’t hurt you or cause any pain and discomfort.

The dentist will use the side of the bur and touch it gently over the attachment. It will remove all of it completely and leave the intact tooth surface.

How much does it cost to remove Invisalign attachments?

If you plan to remove the attachment early due to a wedding or other important causes, some dentists may not cost you any money while some may cost you a little.

It varies from dentist to dentist. But, if you remove it at the scheduled time, the dentist won’t take additional cost, as he includes it in the overall treatment cost.


You can’t remove Invisalign attachments or buttons at home, because it can damage your teeth and make the situation worse.

Wait till your dentist decide to remove them after achieving the goal of using them for treatment.

However, if you want to remove them early, you should consult with the dentist regarding it.

If any attachment or buttons get damaged or loose and there is Invisalign attachment residue, you can use dental wax to cover it up until you visit the dentist’s office.