5 Best Orthodontic Wax For Invisalign Aligners [2023]

Sometimes you may need to use dental wax with Invisalign or clear aligners to relieve pain or soft tissue irritation from the trays. But, You may wonder, What is the best orthodontic wax for Invisalign aligners?

You have to choose a product that sticks well with the aligners and lasts for a longer duration. Moreover, you should use products from a well-known brand.

Here, you will get a complete guide to choosing the best wax for Invisalign aligners based on reviews. Besides, you will also know how to pick a dental wax correctly.

Top 5 dental wax for Invisalign clear aligners

Orthodontic wax for Invisalign

Here is the best orthodontic wax for Invisalign aligners with pros and cons:

1. Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Wax

This wax is the best selling orthodontic wax right now and got a lot of positive reviews. GUM orthodontic is not only helpful for braces wearers but also for clear aligner wearers. You can use the wax effectively with Invisalign to protect your cheek, tongue, and gums from the sharp edges of trays.

It also reduces pain and discomfort by separating soft tissue from the sharp edges and allows soft tissue to heal. Most importantly, these wax sticks better than a lot of similar types of products. It’s also clear or tooth-colored wax.

That means, when you apply them, people can’t notice as it matches the color of Invisalign and teeth very well.
It also provides a plastic container. So, you can store it nicely and carry it with you while traveling.


  • Clear wax or tooth-colored wax
  • Sticks better and lasts longer
  • Available in flavored and unflavored varieties
  • Provides a portable container to store in
  • Contains harmless substance
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Relieve pain and irritation from the sharp edge of Invisalign aligners


  • Can’t stick on a wet surface
  • Little bit rigid

Products name

GUM Orthodontic Wax, Mint with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

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Butler G-U-M Orthodontic Wax, Mint (Pack of 2)

2. Genuine Orthowax for Aligners

This brand provides you high-quality wax that works great with any kind of clear aligners. In fact, this wax is top selling orthodontic products and very popular. This ortho wax sticks better on the sharp edges of retainers than many bands. It’s safe if you swallow it accidentally. You can apply it quite easily and it will last longer than other products.


  • Sticks better and works effectively with any aligner
  • Clear in appearance and matches the color of teeth.
  • Provides a portable container for each wax
  • Water-proof and last longer
  • Almost similar to the dentist’s wax
  • Unflavoured
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Safe to use and edible
  • Relieves soreness and irritation by providing a barrier between Invisalign trays and gums, lips, tongue, and cheek.
  • Made of Medical grade paraffin wax


  • May feel softer sometimes
  • Not available in a local store (get online)

3. TecnidentUSA Orthodontic Wax

TecnidentUSA dental wax is a little bit different type of wax. It’s made of Medical Grade Microcrystalline Wax (non-paraffin) and specially designed for optimal sticking and durability. However, it’s safe to use and gluten-free. It can be very effective for clear aligners. Moreover, this wax is a top-selling dental product with a lot of positive reviews.


  • Unscented and Unflavored.
  • Medical Grade Microcrystalline Wax
  • Safe to use
  • Stick very well on the retainers or aligners and protect cheek and gums
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Great durability and Flexibility
  • Good elasticity and melting properties
  • Provide individual carrying cases


  • Little bit hard
  • May need a bit of effort to apply due to hardness

Products name

TecnidentUSA Orthodontic Wax for Braces – Unscented and Unflavored

4. DenTek Wax With Fresh Mint Flavour

This wax is another great option for Invisalign. It’s clear wax and doesn’t affect your appearance. You get the wax in several packages and the price is also very affordable.
This works nicely with clear aligners. You can cover the sharp edge of trays easily as the wax sticks quite well. Though it’s a little bit softer and may not last long if you don’t apply it on a dry completely dry surface.


  • Works effectively on Invisalign trays
  • Very affordable
  • Transparent looking and aesthetically pleasing
  • Helps reduce irritation from sharp edges of Invisalign trays
  • Easy to apply and safe to use
  • Provides carrying case


  • Softer wax and may not last longer
  • Small in amount

Products name

DenTek Wax For Braces Fresh Mint

5. AZDENT Orthodontic Wax

You can use this wax with any type of aligner. It sticks well when you apply on the sharp margin of the Invisalign tray to protect your cheek, tongue, and gums from getting hurt. This product is also very popular.

You will get it in different flavors. An unflavoured version is also available. The price is also very reasonable. But, this wax may melt easily. So, you have to keep it below the 25-degree temperature.


  • Affordable price
  • Available in both flavored and flavorless varieties
  • Medical-grade paraffin-based wax
  • Clear wax
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Provides individual carrying cases for wax
  • Covers Invisalign and aligners nicely
  • Protect cheek and gums from the sharp edge of aligners


  • Very soft and sticky
  • May not last longer

Products name

Unscented AZDENT Dental Wax for Braces

AZDENT Dental Wax Oral Care Orthodontics Wax

AZDENT Orthodontic Wax for Braces Mint Flavored

Honorable mention – Dental Ease Orthodontic Wax

This wax is another good quality product, though I have mentioned it in the last. Dental ease wax has got many positive reviews. Users recommend this product as well. Invisalign wearers found that their new product works really well on Invisalign trays.


  • Medical-grade paraffin-based wax
  • Comfortable, safe, and easy to use
  • Tasteless, odorless, and clear wax
  • Very cheap
  • Strong wax
  • Easily molded into the retainers
  • Stick nicely on the aligners
  • Provides individual cases


  • May feel too hard
  • May need the effort to put on for the first time

Products name

Dental Orthodontic Wax for braces – Odorless, Tasteless

The Best Dental Wax Alternative for Invisalign – OrthoDots CLEAR Dental Silicone

If you don’t want to put those dental wax on your Invisalign, OrthoDots CLEAR Dental Silicone can be the best choice. The new product of this brand is the best selling dental wax alternative currently and highly rated.

Many orthodontists also recommend this as a substitute to dental wax. This silicone even works better on Invisalign trays than braces. People also like this as it’s more transparent (they claim, it’s 17x) than dental wax and doesn’t interfere with esthetics.

An interesting fact is you can apply this silicone on a wet surface because it contains a moisture-activated adhesive layer. It’s also very easy to use and some people find it lasts longer than many dental waxes. When you clean your Invisalign retainers, you can remove the silicone easily.


  • Work effectively on the Invisalign trays and any clear aligners
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Very comfortable
  • Longer lasting
  • More transparent than dental wax
  • Very pliable and extremely moldable
  • More hygienic
  • Made of clear medical grade silicone
  • Work on the wet surface as well
  • Protect gums, lips, tongue, and cheek from the sharp edge of aligners
  • Helps relieve pain and irritation by creating a barrier between Invisalign trays and soft tissue.


  • May not stick well sometimes if the surface is too wet.
  • May not stick on the teeth
  • Little bit expensive

Products name

OrthoDots CLEAR Silicone Dental Wax Alternative for Pain Caused by Braces

Know how to use dental silicone and find out other alternatives.

How to buy dental wax for Invisalign aligners

Get dental wax that can work effectively with Invisalign or clear aligners. It should cover all the sharp edges of the aligners and reduce pain and discomfort. Look for the qualities that the orthodontic wax should have to serve these purposes.

Moreover, buy the wax that is worth the cost. You can get the wax that also provides carrying cases for each wax. This helps maintain hygiene. But, the most important thing is the quality of the wax. Get a wax from a popular brand. You can pick one from my top above list without any doubt.

Here are the things to consider about dental wax before getting one.


Make sure that the wax sticks well to the sharp edges of the Invisalign tray or aligners.


The wax should last longer in your mouth. You need to replace it after every meal and cleaning schedule. Be sure it sticks until the time comes.

Ease of applying

An ideal orthodontic wax can be easily put on the edge of the clear aligners.

Ease of cleaning

The wax should be removed from the aligners completely and easily.

Separating soft tissue from clear aligners

The dental wax should create a barrier between rough edges of Invisalign trays and soft tissue of your mouth and help reduce pain and irritation.


The dental wax should neither be too soft nor too hard in consistency.

Melting temperature

You may not find out the melting temperature of a certain product. But, make sure that it doesn’t melt at room temperature.


The wax should be comfortable to use and don’t hurt your gums or cheek while using them.

Which dental wax should you buy for Invisalign?

You can buy any product that I have listed here. Among them, Sunstar GUM wax and Genuine Orthowax are at the top. Try to get one of them. But, they aren’t available or you don’t like them, you can go with the other products that I mentioned.

If you are allergic to any product, take help from a healthcare provider or a doctor, and change the brand. If you swallow a portion of orthodontic wax while eating or drinking, nothing to worry about. It’s made of a harmless product. But, you should try to avoid this from happening.

Keep in mind, no matter what type of product you get, it can’t stick well or fall early if you don’t follow the proper steps of applying them. Applying wax on braces and Invisalign is almost the same.

Make the surface dry before applying and follow all the steps I mentioned in my other article to get the maximum benefits.

Final thought

Sometimes you may need dental wax for Invisalign to reduce soreness and irritation from the sharp edge of Invisalign trays. Try to buy wax that works properly with the aligners. Get the orthodontic wax from a well-known brand and must follow the appropriate methods of applying and removing it to make the most of it.