Can You Eat Candy or Chocolate With Braces? [5 Ideas]

You have to avoid a lot of foods after getting braces. So, you may ask, “Can you eat candy or chocolate with braces?”

You can’t eat most of the candies with braces because they are hard, sticky, and sugary. The candy has the ability to break your braces or stick to your teeth and braces. As they are sugary, they increase the risk of having tooth decay and sensitivity.

Most of the chocolates are sugary, hard, or sticky. So, you have to stay away from these kinds of chocolates.

However, you can try soft, nonsticky, and less sugary candies or chocolates. Here, we have discussed how to eat candy or chocolate with braces.

If you want, you can also know how you can eat popcorn and chips with braces.

Why can’t I eat candy or chocolate with braces?

Eating Candy or Chocolate With Braces

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you shouldn’t eat candy with braces:


When we heard about candy, the first thing that comes to your mind is sweet. Most of the cadies are contains a high amount of sugar.

Sugar isn’t good for oral health. You know, kids who eat sugary candy or chocolate more develop cavities on teeth.

With braces on teeth, sugary candy sticks more between the braces and teeth.

Bacteria start the fermentation process and form acid.

Eventually, this acid and bacteria destroy the structure of teeth and produce tooth decay or caries.

Taking sugary candies also make your teeth sensitive and cause mild pain.


Sticky candies are enemies for braces. Because of their thickness part of the candies adhere to the component of braces.

They get stuck into the wires, elastics, brackets, and between the teeth and braces.

When the steel candies stay on your braces for teeth for a long time this damaged tooth.

Bacteria accumulate there and there is an excess amount of plaque deposition.

Bacteria produce acid and dissolve the enamel. This process leads to the formation of tooth decay or cavity.

This process is also favored by sugary substances presenting in the candies. Bacteria love carbs or sugary foods, which damage your teeth.

Sticky candies normally get stuck on the teeth. In addition, it gets more surface to get caught with braces on teeth.

Difficult to clean

You may ask what if you clean your teeth after eating the candies with braces?

The answer is not going to make you happy. Tooth cleaning with braces is a very difficult task.

Remember the moment when you didn’t wear braces. Sticky candies still adhered to the irregular surface of teeth and in the contact points of teeth, and you struggled to remove it.

Now, with braces on teeth, it’s almost impossible to remove those candy debris completely from the braces and teeth.

So, you shouldn’t take the risk and avoid eating sticky candies during the orthodontic treatment with braces.


Any hard and crunchy foods can damage the components of braces. There are various candies that are hard and crunchy.

Biting on them can break the braces. Especially, it happens when you eat frozen candies.

What candy or chocolate can you not eat with braces

Here are some examples of candies to avoid with braces:

Toffee or brittle

Toffee or brittle is a kind of candy that is hard, crunchy, and sticky. So, it’s another poor choice while someone wearing braces.

The structure of this candy is like that, it’s hard when you put it in your mouth then it becomes chewy and sticky when it gets warm.

They get stuck between teeth and braces easily that hard to clean. Again, this causes teeth decay and sensitivity.

Some people develop tooth sensitivity after getting braces. So, they feel discomfort while eating the toffee or brittle.

Hard Cookies

Don’t be sad for mentioning the name. Soft cookies don’t have any problem with braces. You can eat this variety.

But, be careful of the hard variety. Just like other hard foods, hard Cookies may damage the braces. You may end up with a broken bracket or popped out the wire. So, stay away from hard Cookies.


The main problem of the lollipop is it contains sugar. Sucking the lollies doesn’t damage the braces or teeth directly.

But, the sugar damages your teeth if someone takes the lollies regularly. There is a high risk of having tooth sensitivity and decay.

Otherwise, lollipop doesn’t stick to braces or don’t damage if someone sucks it. But, if someone makes a bite on it, it may damage the braces because of the hardness. So, it’s the best option to avoid lollies.


Though some chocolate may be ok for braces. But, most of them are bad for the braces. Hard or frozen chocolate may break the brackets or cause pooped wire if you bite on it.

If it’s sticky or gooey, it causes more harm to your teeth and braces. As most of the chocolate is sugary, sticky variety usually get stuck in braces and teeth.

This debris may stay for a long time as it’s difficult to clean teeth while wearing braces. You have to also avoid that chocolate that contains other hard and crunchy ingredients.

Candies with hard ingredients

Many bands prepare special types of candies containing various ingredients to increase the taste.

Ingredients like hard nut or almond can get lodged in the braces and you may face trouble to remove them. Sometimes, biting on them may break or lose your braces.

Cotton candy

Cotton candy may be softest of them all. But, the main problem is it contains a high amount of sugary and very sticky.

Those sticky sugar particles can adhere to the braces and teeth. This may lead to tooth decay and sensitivity.

Chewy, gummy and sour candy

If candy gets stuck in your braces and teeth, the outcome will be worse. So, stay away from chew, sour and gummy candies such as Starbursts, Taffy, Skittles.

Rock candy

You can’t bite on the rock while wearing braces, can you? Rock candy may not be hard as a rock, but it may break your braces. So, you should avoid this.

Jelly beans

As you have to face a lot of trouble to clean teeth with braces, you should avoid the jelly beans because of its sugar substances.


Whether it’s hard or soft, you can’t eat any types of caramels or foods containing caramel while wearing braces. The reason is it’s very sticky.

You can’t clean those caramels completely that stick to your teeth and braces. As it’s sugary it’ll result in tooth sensitivity and cavities.

What candy or chocolate can you eat with braces

Let’s take a look at the Braces friendly candies:

Peanut buttercup

One of the best alternatives for candy is the peanut butter cup. It is completely fine to eat with braces. It’s soft and doesn’t’ adhere to braces.

Chocolate mousse dessert cups

Another great choice for braces wearer is chocolate mousse dessert cups. It doesn’t interfere with your braces and oral hygiene.

Chocolate cupcakes

There is no restriction for eating chocolate cupcakes while wearing braces. It’s easy to chew, soft, and easy to clean. There is almost no chance of it getting stuck in braces.


Candies like brownies are safe to eat with braces. The outer portion of it is cakey and the inner portion is fudgy.

Brownies are soft and the inner choco portion may not stick with the braces. However, clean teeth nicely after you eat it.

Thin caramel sauce and sliced apple

If you still want to eat caramel with braces, you can try thin caramel sauce. With that, take an apple and cut them into small slices. Eat that with the sauce. But, be careful that, the sauce isn’t sticky.

Ways to eat hard candies

This way isn’t good for kids. Those, who can control themself, may let the candies to dissolve in the mouth.

You can’t bite on them. That means you have to be careful so that it can’t hurt your braces or get stuck in it.

But, it may be a very difficult task for someone. So, why don’t you just control your mind to not crave the candy during that time?

Soft dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains less amount of sugar and healthier than other candies. You can eat a soft variety of them. But, we don’t recommend a hard or sticky variety of dark chocolate.

Sugar-free candy or gums

You can try sugar-free gums or soft nonsticky candy that contains xylitol or other sugar substitutes.

But, be careful so that gums can’t adhere to your braces. You can chew some of them to get a fresh breath.

Soft cookies

If you can select soft and less sugary cookies, it may not cause any issue with braces.

Ice cream

If you don’t have the sensitivity to cold after getting braces, you can eat chocolate ice cream because this may be a great alternative to candy or chocolate.

It’s also effective after getting braces tightened or placement of braces to relieve pain.

However, stay away from those ice cream that contains hard, crunchy, or sticky ingredients such as nuts or hard choco balls.

Milkshakes and smoothies

The great alternative for candy is the milkshakes and smoothies. It can be a great option to take after getting braces tightened, as it gives your teeth a break from stress and helps relieve the painful condition.

Cleaning teeth is also very easy after taking them. Rinsing can be ok for that.

Sweet recipe

If you can replace your craving for candy with other sweet recipes that are braces-friendly, then you must go for it.


You can choose those candies that don’t hurt your braces or teeth. However, you must clean your teeth properly to prevent tooth decay.

But, if possible, stay away from any kind of food that isn’t allowed to eat with braces.