What To Do If Invisalign Elastic Buttons Fell Off

You may not like any extra attachments while Invisalign treatment. Besides, if the Invisalign buttons fell off of your teeth, you may get irritated. But, What to do if Invisalign elastic buttons fell off?

You have to visit your orthodontist’s office as soon as possible if the Invisalign buttons fell off. Otherwise, treatment will be delayed and less effective. But, sometimes you can manage it at home by using different techniques depending on the condition of damage such as putting in dental wax. However, you shouldn’t try to reattach it on your own.

These rubber band hooks may fall off because of chewing hard foods, brushing and flossing teeth carelessly, not following all the instructions by the orthodontist or weak bonding between teeth and buttons.

Here you will know the causes, prevention, and solution of falling off of Invisalign buttons.

When and Why does an Invisalign elastic or metal button fall off?

Invisalign elastic buttons fell off: Causes and ways to fix

Rarely, the buttons may fall off within a few days after getting them on your teeth. This may occur when bonding agents can’t be set nicely or there is a procedural error.

But, these metal hooks may pop off any time if you make any mistake or don’t follow the advice correctly.

Sometimes, it may keep falling off from time to time. Here are the reasons for falling off of the rubber band hook and elastic buttons.

1. Weak bonding

Invisalign buttons or hooks are made of metal usually. They are used to hold the rubber bands to create extra pressure on teeth and move them in specific directions.

However, don’t confuse the Invisalign buttons with the attachments. Attachments are tooth-colored material that you get to hold the Invisalign in place. If it’s fallen off, find the solution from here.

Dentists use a special type of adhesive glue to attach the metal buttons with your teeth. It needs some time to set.

If it can’t set properly, the elastic button may come off after a few days. It may happen even within the first few days.

Another thing is when you don’t get the treatment from a certified dentist. So, always consult a specialized dentist who has experience in the Invisalign treatment.

2. Poor dietary habits

If you don’t have the button with Invisalign, it may not interfere with your food habit. But, while wearing buttons, if you chew hard and crunchy foods, it may fall off because of it.

Teeth feel stress when you chew hard foods. This also provides pressure on the buttons. The pressure may weaken the bonding between teeth and the button, and break or loosen the buttons.

In addition, acidic drinks like soda, soft drinks, or sports drinks, and citrus foods can weaken the bonding as they are acidic. If you keep having these foods and drinks, it can make the buttons pop off.

3. Excess force to remove aligners

Every day you have to remove the aligners and elastic and put them back on your teeth again. If you can’t use the proper method of doing so and apply more pressure, the metal button may get broken or fall off.

It may happen for the first few days as you are new to it. But, sometimes it may not be your fault when the aligners are tightly fitted on your teeth and buttons.

So, when you try to pull it with excess force, buttons may come off. It can happen when you fail to check the final fitting in the dentist’s office properly.

4. Larger buttons

If the size of the elastic buttons is larger than what it needs, you will face trouble while removing the aligners and it may pop off.

5. Poor tooth cleaning technique

Brushing teeth with pressure or using a hard bristle toothbrush and flossing carelessly are some common reasons for buttons to fall off.

Adhesive glue is strong enough to withstand the normal pressure from cleaning teeth. But, some people use toothbrushes vigorously that’s not can be harmful to the buttons and your teeth.

What to do if Invisalign buttons fell off?

Here is what to do at home Invisalign buttons fell off and how to fix a button:

Don’t try to fix it yourself

First of all, don’t try to fix the bottom at home on your own. The buttons are attached to a specific position to produce a specific tooth movement.

If you try to fix that yourself, you will make the situation worse.

Keep a safe place and bring

Next, take the fallen button if you don’t lose it. Keep it in a safe place. You can preserve it in a small box. The orthodontist can fix the buttons if it’s ok with him.

However, you may need a new button if it doesn’t work. Your orthodontist will confirm when you will visit him.

Consult with your orthodontist immediately

Take to your orthodontist over the phone. Don’t hesitate to do that. Set an appointment to fix the Invislaing button.

He will fix the metal hook in the same way he did on the first day. You may need to spend some money if you need a new button.

Put some dental wax over the area

If the teeth surface is rough and it’s hurt you, put a small piece of dental wax over it. If one of your buttons becomes loose, you can use the wax to fix it on the place.

Don’t use the elastic till the fixing appointment. Use a thin layer of wax or you will face trouble putting the trays after applying the wax. Ortho wax will help you until you visit the orthodontist.

How to prevent Invisalign buttons from falling off?

Some Invisalign wearers wonder what to do when Invisalign buttons keep falling off. Here are the ways how you can prevent Invisalign buttons from falling or popping off.

1. Change food habits.

You have to forget your favorite soft drinks or citrus fruits for a while. Try to avoid hard and crunchy foods as well.

2. Learn proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth with gentle pressure while wearing the hooks. Be careful when you floss your teeth as well.

Learn the correct technique of brushing teeth with Invisalign buttons.

3. Let the button get fixed after getting them.

You have to give enough time to fix the buttons with your teeth. The glue that’s used to attach the buttons needs time to set.

So, follow all the advice that your orthodontist provides after getting the buttons. This will let the button be fixed nicely and prevent weak bonding between them.

4. Tell your orthodontist if you have to apply excess removal force.

After getting Invisalign buttons if you notice that you have to put excess for the force to remove the Invisalign, inform the orthodontist. He will fix the error if it’s due to the hooks.

Normally, you can remove the trays with very little pressure. Compare the difference of removal forces before and after getting the buttons. You can know the difference easily.

5. Fix the larger buttons.

If the buttons are larger than it’s needed, it should be fixed after getting them.

So, when the orthodontist tells you to check the Invisalign trays, you should check it carefully and let him know if there’s any problem like feeling excess pressure on teeth or facing trouble while putting or removing the aligners.

6. Get the right toothbrush for Invisalign buttons.

Normally, you may not need any special tooth-cleaning product with Invisalign. But, you should get the right toothbrush with Invisalign buttons. Buttons are just like those metal braces.

They make it hard to clean the teeth completely. Moreover, some toothbrushes may hit the buttons or hooks and make them fall off or get loose.

So, get a soft bristle toothbrush. You should get an electric toothbrush, because it’s safe for the buttons and brackets and clean your teeth more effectively than regular toothbrushes.

Learn about an electric toothbrush for Invisalign buttons and braces and get the right product for you.

7. Floss your teeth with safe to use flossers for buttons.

As you need to clean teeth more carefully and at the same time prevent the damage to buttons, get the best and safe to use flossers for Invisalign buttons. Use the same product as the braces wearers do.

8. Follow the instructions.

The most important thing that you must do to prevent the Invisalign metal hooks from falling off is following the instruction given by the orthodontist while wearing them.

9. Carefully remove and place the Invisalign.

You have to be very careful when you put the Invisalign trays or remove them from your mouth. Don’t rush or put excess pressure while you do that. Use adequate force that’s needed.

Learn how to take off Invisalign without pain.


When an Invisalign button falls off, you must consult with your orthodontist and reattach it or get a new button to prevent interruption in treatment.

However, you can prevent this from happening if you follow all the advice of your orthodontist while wearing Invisalign and buttons on your teeth.

Be careful of your food habits and tooth-cleaning techniques to prevent any damage to Invisalign buttons or hooks.