How Many Appointments Before Getting Braces

Braces treatment needs a lot of patience, as it takes many appointments with your orthodontist. Before getting braces, you may curious to know, How many appointments before getting braces?

You may need one or more appointments with the orthodontist to get braces. The number of appointments depends on the type of case, oral health, and treatment planning. If spacer or tooth extraction requires before putting braces, you may need several appointments.

You need to visit the orthodontist office at least once for consultation and getting pre-treatment procedures before braces.

But, if it’s done in a single visit, why does it take many appointments? Let’s know about it and how many appointments you may need depending on various situations.

Factors of which number of appointments depend on before getting braces

Appointments Before Getting Braces

Here are the factors that affect the number of treatment you need before getting braces:

If tooth extraction is needed

You may need a tooth extraction for braces. When you have crowded or crooked teeth, you have to create space for teeth to realign them and make them straight.

Sometimes, it requires two or more teeth removal for braces. During your first visit with your orthodontist, he will evaluate your teeth and jaw.

Then, he will tell you if you need the extraction. If you need a tooth extraction, he will refer you to an oral surgeon to get teeth extracted.

However, you may know the exact number of teeth you need to be removed after the orthodontist do all measurements on the mold and x-ray of your jaw.

So, you may need to visit the orthodontist chamber for the 2nd time to get the extraction plan.

After that, You get the next appointment with your orthodontist after the extraction and healing of the tissues that hold the teeth.

So, you may expect 2 to 3 extra appointments due to tooth extraction before getting the braces.

During your appointment with your orthodontist after the extraction, he will evaluate the teeth and if everything is ok, he will make a mold just like the first day.

Then, you may get the braces on the next appointment. However, don’t be sad for the extraction, as it’s normal.

Learn more about tooth extraction for braces.

If spacers are required

The orthodontist places metal rings on the back teeth. They encircle the molar teeth. But, if there’s no space between the molar teeth, he can’t slide the band on the teeth and apply it.

So, he needs to create a gap between the teeth. To fulfill this purpose, your orthodontist places an elastic band between those teeth, called spacers or separators.

During the 1st visit, if your orthodontist finds the problems, he will place the spacers. You may need to wear those for a week.

After that, you may get the braces on the next appointment. So, you may expect to delay due to the spacers but the number of appointments may be the same.

However, in some cases, if the orthodontist doesn’t see enough space, you may need to wear spacers for a few more days and one more visit may be added.

If both tooth extraction and spacers are needed

In this case, you have to get your tooth extracted first. You will know what the plan is during the first consultation. After the extraction when the teeth are healed, you have to visit him again.

Then he will give you the spacers if you need them. After that, you will get the braces on the following appointment. So, you may require 3 to 4 extra appointments with your orthodontist in this case.

If no other procedure is taken

When the malocclusion or tooth misalignment is mild or you don’t need any extra procedure, you may have to visit your orthodontist chamber for one to two times before braces.

If an oral health condition is not suitable

Sometimes, the patient’s condition of teeth and gums isn’t suitable to get braces. Some need to get treatment for a tooth cavity or staining.

So, you may need to solve the problems to get approved for braces. During the first consultation with the orthodontist, he will inform you about it.

Professional dental cleaning and removal of tooth decay before getting braces are very important. Though this delays your treatment, it’s the best way for the health of your teeth.

Braces make it hard to clean teeth and there is more risk of getting more plaque, stains, and decay with braces.

After getting braces, you can’t solve all of those problems. Even, the situation will get worse. So, you need to fix all those issues before getting braces.

After the end of those dental treatments, you have to visit the orthodontist for braces treatment again.

After the reassessment, he will design the treatment and attach the braces. So, you may need 2-3 extra appointments for that.

Appointments and procedures before getting braces

Here are the appointments and procedures before getting braces:

1st appointments and procedures

People expect to get braces on the first appointment with the orthodontist. But, it’s not that simple. Your orthodontist designs the treatment before you get braces.

The first appointment is a consultation appointment. During the first visit to your orthodontist, he will assess your mouth carefully and decide if you are a good candidate for braces.

Some minor cases don’t require braces. However, if you need the treatment, he will make a preliminary plan to correct your bite and align teeth.

You will get the idea from him. He will also evaluate your oral health condition whether or you need other dental treatments.

He asks you many questions regarding your oral health. The number of appointments depends on all of these factors.

Your orthodontist let you know all of these and tell you the date of your next appointment. On that day, you will also know how many appointments you need before braces.

It may take one to two hours to complete the appointment. Get yourself prepared to ask questions regarding the treatment during this appointment.

Procedure performed:

  1. Recording your case
  2. Taking an impression of your teeth and mouth
  3. Making a mold of your teeth and mouth
  4. Taking an x-ray
  5. Taking photos

To know about the step by step process of getting braces with duration, check our other article.

Other appointments and procedures

Aside from the procedure performed on the first appointment with the orthodontist, you may need the following procedures to be done by a dentist or the orthodontist:

  1. Tooth extraction
  2. Getting spacers
  3. Professional dental cleaning
  4. Treatment for tooth decay

Also, know what to expect before getting braces.

Can you get braces on your first appointment?

Usually, you don’t get braces on the first appointment, because orthodontic treatment needs a lot of planning and other procedures to be performed before getting the braces.  The orthodontist needs time to design the treatment as every case is different. If you are in a hurry, the outcome of treatment won’t be as expected.

Can you get molds and braces on the same day?

You don’t get mold and braces on the same day in most of the cases. Usually, the orthodontist takes the impression and make the mold on the first appointment and make a treatment after performing measurements on the mold. So, you get the braces on the second or next appointment.

Do you get braces on the second appointment?

If you don’t need other procedures to be performed before getting braces and your dental condition is sound, you may expect to get braces on the second appointment. However, if you need other procedures such as tooth extraction or other dental treatment, there may be delayed in getting braces.


Before getting braces on teeth, you may require one or more appointments with your orthodontist depending on the various factors.

If you need spacers or tooth extraction for braces or condition oral health isn’t so good, the number of visits may increase.

Whatever the number is keep your patience as all the procedures and appointments are for the best outcome of braces treatment.