Broken Braces Forsus Spring: How To Fix and Why This Happens

When you wear a forsus spring appliance on braces, it can come off or be broken and it’s not so uncommon. But, you may wonder, “Why do braces forsus spring gets broken or come off and how to fix this?

Forsus springs can be broken, loosen, and come off for the following reasons-

  • Opening mouth extremely wide during eating, singing, laughing loudly or yawning
  • Eating hard, crunchy and sticky foods
  • The wrong technique of brushing and flossing with springs and braces
  • Not taking proper care

However, you can fix forsus spring sometimes by yourself by putting it in the position. But most of the time you should go to your orthodontist to get it repaired.

So, can you do it with your springs? In this article, we’ll discuss in detail how can forsus spring be broken, loosed or damaged, how to take care of it. Also, learn the appropriate ways to fix it.

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Why and how can braces forsus spring get broken, loosed, or damaged?

fixing braces broken forsus spring

Forsus can get loosed, broken, or damaged because of its structure and the way it placed in your mouth. Forsus appliances consist of a spring that surrounds a small rod. This rod can fall out if you become careless.

1. Opening mouth wide

Rod of forsus spring can get out of spring when you try to open mouth extremely wide. This may happen during eating, especially when you try to open mouth wide to bite a burger or apple.

Sometimes it may happen during laugh loudly, singing, or yawning. The reason for having a close relationship between the forsus spring and mouth opening is the way it’s attached to your braces.

Forsus appliance has two ends, orthodontist attaches one end to the molar band of your upper molar teeth, and the other end attaches to braces of lower teeth. As it connects your upper and lower jaw, opening mouth extremely wide may cause the problem.

Usually, you may not have any issues while eating or performing other activities. But, you need to be careful, as this appliance is very helpful for you.

2. The wrong brushing and flossing method

We use the forsus appliance to move upper teeth backward and lower teeth forwardly that gives you a beautiful smile. If we use this appliance, you may not need headgear or tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment.

Now, you understand, how friendly a forsus appliance can be to you. So, why don’t take proper care of it?

Sometimes it may get loose or fall out of braces if you don’t clean teeth following the ideal method of brushing and flossing with forsus springs and braces.

Moreover, if you don’t clean mouth daily, plaques and food particles accumulate to your braces and appliance. This may damage forsus spring and also hurt your mouth.

3. Wrong Food habits

Eating hard, sticky and crunchy foods may cause forsus spring being come off, loose or broken.

How to fix the braces forsus spring when it gets loose, broken, come off?

Don’t get worried if your forsus spring come off or rod and spring get separated accidentally. You can fix it if there is no damage to the appliance.

What you can do is open your mouth and gently hold the spring and rod, then try to bring them in their position.

To reattach the forsus appliance, you have to compress the spring and place the rod into it.  But, if you can’t fix it by yourself, talk to your orthodontist. He or she will help you.

However, if the forsus spring appliance gets loose or broken completely and you may not repair it. You should consult with your orthodontist and make an appointment. In this case, preserve the part of the appliance and take it with you on that day.

If the broken or loosen part doesn’t get damaged badly, the orthodontist can repair it. But, if the condition of forsus spring isn’t so good he or she’ll attach a new forsus appliance.

Forsus appliance doesn’t interfere with eating, mouth opening, or taking a bite. But, if it comes between your upper and lower teeth, avoid biting it. In this case, visit your orthodontist to get it fixed.

But, what if forsus spring hurt you and cut your cheek?

This may usually happen for the first few days after getting forsus spring, even you may also develop an ulcer in your mouth. To avoid it your orthodontist will suggest you place cotton between the appliance and cheek.

You can also use orthodontic wax for any loose attachments of braces that’s hurt you. Know how to apply dental wax for braces.

You may be curious to know,

How does an orthodontist fix forsus appliance?

If you need to replace the damaged forsus spring, then your orthodontist will perform the same procedure to attach the appliance as he or she did for the old one.

But, if a forsus spring gets loose or comes off, the orthodontist will reattach it within a few minutes with him or her instruments.

How to avoid forsus spring from getting broken, come off or loose

If you take proper care of your forsus spring, it should not be damaged. Here are some tips to take care of forsus spring and prevent it from getting loose, broke or come off-

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly so that food particles don’t get trapped into forsus spring. But, be careful when you clean your teeth. So, follow the instructions of your orthodontist and use proper brushing and flossing techniques with braces and forsus springs.
  • Be careful of diet.
  • Try to avoid opening your mouth extremely wide. So, you need to be careful during singing, laughing loudly, or yawning.

Taking care of forsus spring and avoiding any damage is necessary to allow the spring to word properly and fix the overbite.

Now, you may ask two questions.

The first question is,

How do you eat with forsus spring?

Take soft and liquid foods. Avoid hard, crunchy, and sticky food. Also, avoid foods that make you open mouth extremely wide like a burger or, even if you eat this food, divide them into small pieces before you eat.

You can get a complete guide to eat with springs from our other article.

The second question is,

How can you open and close with the forsus spring?

You shouldn’t be afraid of this at all. Forsus spring is made in such a way that normal jaw function like chewing or talking is possible.

You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But over time you’ll get used to it.


In short, braces forsus spring may be broken, loosen or come off as a result of excess mouth opening, wrong food habits, poor teeth cleaning method, and being careless.

If the issue is simple, you can fix it by yourself. But, in most cases, you should visit your orthodontist to get it fixed. You shouldn’t delay your appointment if you want a fast treatment.