Can You Fix An Overbite At Home Naturally

Like natural remedies for other dental conditions, people also ask, “Can you fix an overbite at home?”

A minor overbite can be fixed at home using different at-home aligners. However, braces, Invisalign, or other methods can be needed if you have moderate to a severe overbite. 

Next question is, Can You Fix An Overbite At Home Naturally?

An overbite can’t be corrected at home naturally once it’s developed. However, you can reduce the chance of having an overbite or stop getting the situation worse at home using different methods and preventing the responsible factors. Habit management techniques like tongue thrust exercise may help make the condition better or get the fastest result from the overbite correction treatment.

Though overbite is a natural condition in every individual, an excess overbite can be bad for your asthenic and function.

So, you should know about the different at-home methods to prevent it or to improve the condition.

Moreover, these techniques speed up the overbite correction treatment with Braces or Invisalign, and other methods.

Let’s know it.

Why can’t you fix an overbite at home naturally?

Fixing An Overbite At Home Naturally

You can’t treat overbite at home, because orthodontic treatment needs a specialist to perform the procedure.

An orthodontist not only has to earn the BDS or general dentistry license but has to achieve a specialist degree like MDS in orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment is sensitive.

An example is a force or pressure an orthodontist applies to move the teeth. He applies a well-calculated force to the teeth to move them.

If you exceed this ideal force for certain teeth, it will cause your teeth to fall out or to get damaged permanently.

So, if you try to perform it at home, you may end up having a serious problem with teeth and jaw. It may damage your teeth permanently and make the situation worse.

How to stop an overbite at home or speed up the overbite correction treatment?

Though you can’t fix an overbite at home, you can do some important things at home along with overbites correction treatment to get the quickest and best result with Braces or Invisalign.

Two main things you can do to fight with an overbite at home.

One is avoiding treating overbite at home and the other is staying away from all the habits that are responsible for an overbite.

It’s necessary not only to prevent overbite but also to help fix the bite during the treatment or stop overbite from recurring after treatment.

One more thing we need to clear here. You will talk about horizontal overbite or excess overjet here mostly.

This is the condition when Top teeth are protruded more than the bottom teeth.

Another overbite is vertical or deep bites where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth more than usual.

Here are the ways of overbite prevention at home naturally:

1. Perform overbite correction exercise and prevent tongue thrusting.

When the tongue doesn’t maintain its normal position, you have the risk of having an overbite or misaligned teeth.

A habit like tongue thrusting can do it easily. Due to this habit, you push your upper front teeth with the tongue.

The muscle of the tongue has the ability to put a lot of pressure on the teeth. Therefore, top front teeth start to move forward and over time it produces a horizontal overbite or excess overjet.

This condition may also cause open bite and other types of malocclusion.

That’s why you must prevent the tongue-thrusting habit.

You can perform an exercise at home to solve it, called overbite correction exercise or tongue exercise.

This exercise can prevent and reduce overbite slightly gradually.

Steps of overbite correction or tongue thrust exercise:

  1. Place a small orthodontic rubber band on the tip of the tongue. You can get these bands online.
  2. Press the gum line on the roof of the mouth, behind the top front teeth.
  3. Bite on your teeth normally keeping lips apart. You can say, “E, e… ” to do it easily.
  4. Now, swallow. Don’t close your lips during the procedure. Try to swallow 30 times in one sitting.
  5. Perform the same technique 2 times a day. One in the morning and the other in the night. So, you have to perform two sets of 25-30 swallow every day.

This is the normal position of the tongue in a resting position and now you are practicing it.

So, gradually it will become your new habit and correct the tongue thrusting and improve the bite.

Try not to swallow the rubber bands during the procedure. However, if you accidentally swallow a piece of an elastic band, it won’t cause any problem. So, don’t be afraid.

You may not be comfortable with this exercise at the beginning. However, you will get used to it over time.

Keep in mind that, this exercise doesn’t fix your overbite. You need orthodontic treatment to correct it completely.

But, the exercise prevents the habit from interfering with the treatment and thus, accelerate the progress.

2. Prevent thumbsucking and nail-biting.

Nail biting, and finger or thumb sucking habit also push top teeth forward and lead to an overbite just like the tongue-thrusting habit. Children have this bad habit commonly.

Keep an eye on your kids at all times. If the habit is hard to control, dress him in long sleeves or apply bitter nail polish on the fingers.

One of the best techniques is using a finger guard. These kits help prevent the habit quite nicely. They are chemical-free and don’t be uncomfortable like nail polish.

Get plastic and flexible gloves varieties online. Try them and see which one works for your kids.

Another great technique is using a hand stopper which is very helpful in extreme cases. This is a flexible brace that’s attached to the elbow.

This device prevents flexing. So, the kids can’t bend their arm and put the hand in the mouth. You can get the hand stopper online.

3. Eliminate teeth grinding habit.

Many people have a habit of grinding their teeth. Most of them do it unconsciously while sleeping, some may do it all the time.

Teeth grinding habits put pressure on the teeth and lead to an overbite. You may also have to face TMJ dysfunctions.

So, if you have the habit, be aware of it. If your children have the habit, discourage them to do it.

You can also ask your orthodontist to have a habit-breaking appliance to wear at home.

4. Correct tongue position.

The correct position of the tongue is necessary for properly aligned teeth. If your tongue pushes your front teeth awkwardly, it will affect your bite.

When your tongue is in a resting position, it’s the tip that should stay on the gum line between the two upper front teeth.

The remaining portion of the tongue should stay against the palate or the roof of the mouth where the back of the tongue stays along the ridge of the gums of the back teeth.

But, when this balance isn’t maintained, it may cause an overbite or crowded teeth.

So, if you have any problem like this, try to find out. Consult with a dentist and solve the problem.

5. Prevent mouth breathing.

Have you ever think that what can happen if you don’t breathe through your nose, but mouth? This isn’t normal and it should be treated.

If you perform mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing, it causes misaligned teeth as well as an overbite.

This is because the tongue, lips, and jaw maintain a balance to hold the teeth in position. A mouth breather can’t maintain it. This may cause protruded teeth over time.

So, be aware of it. If you have a mouth breathing habits due to other causes like nasal blockage, you should treat it. Consult with a doctor for that.

6. Prevent temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

TMJ dysfunctions can not only be the effect of overbite but also be the cause of an overbite. Stay away from those activities that can cause TMJ dysfunction.

Moreover, if you have any TMJ problems treat this as early as possible so that it can cause overbite in the future.

How to fix overbite with at-home aligners?

At-home aligners are invisible braces that help correct overbite and other cases. You can get home tooth straighteners from various brands such as byte, smile direct club, and others. These are affordable and you don’t need to visit a dentist’s office for that.

At-home aligners can fix mild overbite nicely, and some moderate cases as well.


It’s not possible to fix an overbite at home naturally. However, you can stop it from happening if you prevent the causes or habits that produce an excess overjet or overbite over time.

You can perform certain exercises or use habit-breaking devices at home to get rid of the habits and give your teeth a better bite.

You can use at-home aligners such as a byte or smile direct club aligners to correct mild overbite at home.